Maintenance Hangar Rules

Maintenance hangar is available for repairs, inspections, and other associated work of aircraft based at Boone County Airport, and the equipment used in the maintenance of the property.

Maintenance Hangar may only be used by Boone County Airport Association members in good standing. Maintenance Hangar may only be used for aircraft that are based at Boone County Airport and are fully or partially owned by BCAA members.

Maintenance Hangar may be used for servicing airport equipment, which may include tractors, mowers, tools and other equipment owned by the BCAA. BCAA members may used the maintenance hangar for repair of their personal tools and equipment, provided that their personal tools and equipment are used occasionally or exclusively for the maintenance of their aircraft, airport equipment or airport property.

There is a sign-up sheet in the Operations Building. Priority will be given to any BCAA member who has reserved the Maintenance Hangar by scheduling on the sign-up sheet.

Only BCAA member aircraft owners may schedule the Maintenance Hanger. If you hire an A&P or IA, or ony other person to do the work, they may not schedule the hangar; You must schedule it.

The BCAA member who is using the Maintenance Hangar will be considered to be the temporary tenant of the hangar, not the mechanic.

The BCAA member who is renting the Maintenance Hangar will be responsible for paying the rent; they may not re-assign that responsibly to their mechanic or any other party.

The BCAA member using the Maintenance Hangar will be responsible for cleaning the Maintenance Hangar when their use of the Maintenace Hanger is finished. Their rents will continue to accrue until they have fully cleaned the hangar. They may hire the cleaning to be done or delegate it to their mechanic but they will still have full responsibility for rents until it is completed. Delegating the responsibility to a third party will not absolve the member from owing for rent if the hangar is not fully cleaned.

If two projects are coming into the Maintenance Hangar back-to-back doing similar work, the Maintenance Hangar should be cleaned before the second project comes in.

In the event that a user of the Maintenance Hangar does not fully clean it prior to another member using it, the association may hire the cleaning to be done to any party it deems appropriate, at prevailing rates. These rates will be automatically assessed to the member who used the hangar, and will be due immediately.

The Maintenance Hangar is not to be used for long term storage of individual members' tools and parts. Identifiable tools and parts left in the Maintenance Hangar may be subject to rent assessments. Unidentifiable tools and parts left in the Maintenance Hangar may be discarded or sold at the hangar manager's or board of directors' discretion.

The BCAA owns some tools and materials that are stored in the maintenance hangar. These tools and materials may be used by the members who are current tenants and are in good standing with the association.

Personal tools may stored in the Maintenance Hangar without rents due if these tools are readily made available to other BCAA members without charge. BCAA will not assume any liability for these tools.

Use of the Maintenance Hangar will not be exclusive. If more than one aircraft or maintenance project will fit, both will be allowed to use the maintenance hangar simultaneously. In case of conflict, priority will go to the first project scheduled. If the maintenance hangar is occupied by two or more aircraft, each will owe the full daily Maintenance Hangar rent.

No repair or project may occupy the Maintenance Hangar for more than two weeks (14 days) continuously without permission of the BCAA board of directors.

Renters of the Maintenance Hangar may use provided materials at no extra cost: Floor Dry, solvents, Hand cleaner. If you notice a material running low or is exhaused, please notify the hangar manager as soon as possible.

Maintenance Hangar rents are $10 per day. Hangar rent will be for full days only; partial days will be charged as a full day.

Maintenance Hangar rents are due at the same time as the regular hangar rents are due: typically by the 25th of the month.

Members should pay their Maintenance Hangar rent by check, with the amount of the rent clearly written in the check's comment line.

Members may not assign their payment of Maintenance Hangar rents to any other member or third party, nor may they defer rent payment to coincide with their private, non-BCAA transactions.

Users of the Maintenance Hangar should not withhold payment of rents for materials purchased for the association or for services performed. The user of the Maintenance Hangar should pay the rent in full and submit a receipt of invoice for the materials purchased or services performed.

Full regular hangar rents will continue to be due while aircraft are in the maintenance hangar. No hangar credits will be given.

The Boone County Airport Association cannot accept any liability for the safety of your aircraft, tools, equipment or materials while in the maintenance hangar. The member renting the maintenance hangar will accept full responsibility for the safety of other aircraft in the same building and all persons who may enter. The member will be held responsible for the actions of their hired third party.

The BCAA reserves the right to further hold the member's third party liable for any actions by that third party while on the airport property.

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