Organization Meeting
June 27, 2004, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

In attendance:
Roy Dawes
Don Deckard
Wayne Deckard
Bob Delp
John Frederickson
Gene Hollingsworth
Paul Kite
John Komnick
Eileen McClure
Rick & Kerry Moore
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dennis Paradise
Dick Patterson
Larry Poe
John Snyder

Wayne Deckard: Talked to Andy Henderson, said he would have keys changed to the building. Henderson would rent the property to the club.

AOPA is OK with a club running an airport.

State of Indiana will require that we paint the center line, patch holes in runway, cut down tree off north end of runway.

Henderson must inform state that club will the the FBO

FAA says that they will approve the association running the FBO, but if a 501c6 and a "flying club" they will not allow it

John Snyder: How do we protect ourselves from liability?

Wayne Deckard: $3,000 to $5,200 annual for insurance, and we can pump our own gas but cannot offer it to the public.

501c6 requires a minimum of 4 members (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) but can have more board members at large if desired

Don Deckard: If excess monies are collected, what do you do with the extra funds?

Wayne Deckard: Can keep them for working capital, can pay employees. Cannot pass on "profits" to individuals.

Monthly rent rates:
$75 back hangars (lower entrances)
$85 middle hangars (higher entrances)
$90 front hangars
$100 per plane enclosed non-private hangars
$125 private hangars
Maintenance hangar $10-15 per day, association reserves the right to waive or adjust rents based on seasonal needs or expenses

Can buy a flow meter for propane fuel tank (heat) but can also keep option to raise rent for winter

A 501c6 can make a profit on parts of operation, then would need to pay taxes only on that portion of the operation

No permanent outside tiedowns will be permitted. Insurance companies do not want outside tiedowns. Liability is based on who supplies the ropes. If a transient aircraft owner brings his own ropes then he can tie down overnight.

Don Deckard: Should we have electricity available at hangars to attract more people?

Roy Dawes: It will cost about $160 per hangar to add a box and wire, plus labor.

Wayne Deckard: Word from the owners is at least two years to sell property. Opinion is that airport won't sell for 5-10 years.

John Snyder: Motion maade to start an association.

Kerry Moore: What are our responsibilities as an association?

John Snyder: Andy Henderson says that they are ordering a gondola (trash container)

Unknown respondent: Association collects rent, keeps extras. Prior utility bills ran about $150 per month

Wayne Deckard: Club needs abour $2,500 per month as a break-even. We need only 5-6 more airplanes at current rent rate to break even.

Roy Dawes: Told the owners that currently there are not enough planes to break even on rent; owners would be flexible. Owner was giving Roger 3-4 months rent-free during the winter ("grace period").

Unknown respondent: Will owner charge us for utilities?

Wayne Deckard: We are no officially a club yet so we can't absorb expenses yet. Andy says repair of hangars is his responsibility; he would also give us a tractor. Club would have to sign the landlord's contract with his yerms.

Wayne Deckard: Landlord only wants to talk to one person, does not want to deal with a bunch of individuals.

Don Deckard: How do we assign work?

Wayne Deckard: Volunteers

Rick Moore: Is the owner willing to fix hangars for only $1,500 per month?

Wayne Deckard: Owner will only want to make necessary repairs. If the association makes a profit we have a choice: Do we want to lower rents or make improvements? That would be our choice.

Only thing we don't have right now is an on-property resident.

Security is an issue

We need a chain acress the fence.

John Snyder: We need motion lights for security.

Roy Dawes: Electricity at each hangar would solve that.

John Komnick: We are solving association problems before the association exists.

Paul Kite: No security, no services. I didn't want to worry about plane. I like the place but want to see it more secure.

Wayne Deckard: Club can accept loans to get started.

Dennis Paradise: Association fee could be yearly, plus a fee to join.

John Snyder: Motion made to start club.

Gene Hollingsworth: Seconded

All present voted in favor, no nays.

Gene Hollingsworth nominated Wayne Deckard for president; John Snyder seconded; Wayne accepted the nomination. All voted in favor, no nays.

John Snyder nominated Roy Dawes for vice president; Don Deckard seconded; Roy accepted the nomination. All voted in favor, no nays.

Rick Moore nominated Michael Mossman as secretary; Roy Dawes seconded seconded; Michael accepted the nomination. All voted in favor, no nays.

Don Deckard nominated Larry Poe for treasurer; John Snyder seconded; Larry accepted the nomination. All voted in favor, no nays.

John Snyder nominated Gene Hollingsworth as a board member at large; unknown respondent seconded; Gene accepted the nomination. All voted in favor, no nays.

Michael Mossman nominated John Snyder as a board member at large; unknown respondent seconded. John accepted the nomination. All voted in favor, no nays.

Roy Dawes nominated John Komnick as a board member at large; unknown respondent seconded; John accepted the nomination. All voted in favor, no nays.

Wayne Deckard and Roy Dawes will start a checking account at a local bank. Two signatures will be required for all checks, that of the treasurer and president.

Wayne Deckard; Do we want an association or membership fee? If so, how much?

John Snyder: Motioned to establish a $100 start-up fee, non pro-rated, non refundable, which was seconded.

Rick and Kerry Moore: What the guarantees that the field would be open one to two years from now, after paying fees and rents? Is the owner willing to give us a contract?

The general discussion went that there are no long-term guarantees but that Wayne was going to negotiate for a long of a contract as possible.

John Snyder again motioned for the $100 start-up fee; Wayne Deckard seconded. All voted in favor, no nays.

Michael Mossman volunteered to write a letter to all tenants advising them of the new association, establishment of rent rates and association fee.

Also discussed informally was that an insurance company would not allow a club or association to sell fuel to transients. Also, no airplane may be refuelled with inside a hangar.

Wayne Deckard: The property owner promised to get the tree cut down at the north end of the runway, and will supply paint to the runway centerline.

The next meeting will be held sometime after the Fourth of July.

Wayne Deckard requested that no news releases be given until the contracts are signed.

John Snyder made a motion to convene the meeting. It was seconded and the meeting was ended.

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Michael D. Mossman
Boone County Airport Association Secretary