Board of Directors Meeting
July 24, 2004, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

In attendance:
Bob Delp
Dick Dawes
Roy Dawes
Don Deckard
Wayne Deckard
Bob Delp
John Frederickson
Gene Hollingsworth
Mark Hyten
Steve McClure
Michael Mossman
Dennis Paradise
Dick Patterson
Larry Poe
Jack Snyder
Chad Williams

Wayne Deckard: Runway inspected, Jack Snyder will give the report

Jack Snyder: Must cut more trees, from the centerline north 75 feet (across ditch), repair lights on the north end. We must get a phone accessable from the outside to keep the nighttime certification, and must fix the wiring to the light on the wind sock.

Airport must meet the Specifications 105.AC.3, minimum width is 40 feet, but airport is grandfathered in at 30 feet. The airport will be certified for night flyiing with these repairs are made.

Runway surface is OK.

Wayne Deckard: Within next 30 days Roy Dawes and Wayne Deckard will get the wiring done for the lights.

Jack Snyder: State has not given the airport a deadline for compliance.

Larry Poe: State inspector said that airport looks better now than it has in past three years; would like to come to an association meeting.

Wayne Deckard: Do we ned to get Roger's old phone number for the airport? The consensus was no.

Wayne Deckard: The runway lighting system is radio controlled. Five clicks on the mic key will turn them on for 15 minutes.

Security Lights between the hangards are off. Current cost is $85 per month to operate them; the association will need three more renters to keep them. The REMC rate for security lights will go up this year and again next year to $18 each.

Wayne Deckard suggested LED strip lights (Rope lights) and motion sensors. Says rope lights are cheap to run.

Treasurer's Report: The association took in $1,600.00 in initiation fees; nine tenants have not paid. BCA took in $1,950 in July rent, leaving the association with a $350 credit. Seven hangar rentals have not been paid.

The association paid $700 for insurance; a monthly insurance payment is $327. Currently there was $1,100 in the checking account (before tenants forwarded August rent).

The electricity had been running about $200 per month when the Farris's were there, not counting the security lights.

Lease payment is due the first of the month; there is a 10% penalty if late.

Members are to make their rent checks to Boone County Airport Association. Hangar rent is due the 25th of the month.

Michael Mossman will contact Paul Handrock, notify him of the association, and find out if he should pay or Roger Farris will owe his rent.

MM will send Byron Calvert a certified letter informing him of the association. If no action in 30 days club will attempt to possess the aircraft.

Jack Snyder: Lots of clubs would like to come in there for meetings: EAA, CAP, etc.

Wayne Deckard: Suggested meetings be held on the thrid Saturday of the month at 3 p.m., then members can pay rent at that time.

Non resident planes must pay membership fee to bring in plane for repairs, plus maintenance hangar rents. Jack Snyder motioned, Larry Poe seconded, motion passed by show of hands.

Michael Mossman: The association must have a set of bylaws for legal purposes. has submitted a proposed set for consideration; will forward them to all members. Mark Hyten also has a set that would pertain to an LLC; promised to forward them for additional consideration.

At that point Mike Jackson, who used to work as an A&P at the United Maintenance Hbub, came to the meeting. He will be joining ther association and basing his airplane at the airport.

Roy Dawes: Rob Pickering, an A&P IA and CFI, would like to trade work for aircraft use.

The members agreed that now is the time to get our news releases.

The airport lease currently is 18 months; addendums were not accepted or rejected. Hendersons have taken no action on them.

Roy Dawes has a computer for association internet use, programs already installed and running. Will use In-Motion internet access on Roy's account.

After about one hour of meetings Wayne Deckard motioned to adjourn the meeting; Roy Dawes seconded. With a show of hands the meeting was adjourned.