Association Meeting
November 20, 2004, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Roy Dawes
Don Deckard
John Frederickson
Paul Handrock
Mark Hyten
Mike Jackson
John Komnick
Chuck Leucht
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dennis Paradise
Dick Patterson
Larry Poe
John Snyder

Also Present:
Jean Komnick
Ron Lehrman
Jim Smith
Dick Stevens

Roy Dawes opened the meeting at approximately 3 p.m.

Roy Dawes: A representative from Indiana Department of Transportation will be at the airport Tuesday or Wednesday for inspection of the premises (runway and facilities).

Dawes: The rotating beacon is still working although it needs brushes on the motor.

John Snyder: The Civil Air Patrol wants to come into the association as an associate member so that they may rent the maintenance hangar for annuals on their aircraft. BCAA has no rules or guidelines yet for associate members.

John Snyder motioned that we adopt a set of bylaws to admit Associate Members. Michael Mossman seconded the motion. All appeared in favor; none opposed. Motion passed.

Roy Dawes: Next new business: A pipeline patrol company wants to put in 2,000 gallons of fuel on the airport for the purpose of refueling their aircraft. They would like to pay the association 2.5 cents per gallon to store the fuel, and would sell it to members at cost. The patroller would fly about eight flights per week into the airport. They have offered to get a card reader for members to use. The association will not be selling fuel to the general public and not collecting state taxes. Current price is $2.24 per gallon for 100LL.

Dawes: The association's insurance policy allows us to store fuel on the field: we just can't sell it outside of our membership.

John Snyder made a motion to accept their offer.

Dawes: A drawback mentioned was that the runway will need to be kept open in the winter. The association may need to post NOTAMs that the runway is closed due to weather.

Mark Hyten motioned that the association proceed with negotiations with the patrol company; John Komnick seconded the motion. Motion passed by majority.

Dawes: New business: The association is not required to pay rent to the landlords during the months of January, February and March.

Roy Dawes motioned that members continue to pay regular hangar rents through January, February and March; John Snyder seconded; motion passed by majority.

Roy Dawes: We should expect higher expenses through the winter months for heat and electricity.

Dawes: Rotating beacon comes on at dusk, goes off at sunrise, visible for at least 15 miles. The windsock on the south hangar is now lit, and there is a outside-accessable phone available at the operations building.

Dawes: We still need some electrical boxes for supplying electricity for lights and other service for the back rows of hangars.

Dawes: The propane tank for the operations building was filled Tuesday. If we get a drop ceiling in the office our fuel cost would drop.

Financial Report (Larry Poe): November income was $2,721; November expenses were $3,454. The association has $3,463 in the account.

Tenant Changes: John Kockmer is moving his aircraft to St. Louis. Dennis Hauck is moving his aircraft to Crawfordsville. Chuck Leucht joined the association and bought a Cessna 150 at Indianapolis Executive Airport (Terry Airport) which he has moved to the airport. Ron Lehrman is going to join the association and move one or more of his aircraft to the airport for the winter months.

Greencastle will allow the association to display posters advertising hangar space availability.

NOTAM to members: Since Greencastle has received its grant for airport improvements the FAA has been doing ramp checks there.

Dennis Paradise: We need to find ways to get more hangars rented. He recommended that we get some ads in newspapers for tenants.

John Snyder motioned the adjourn; John Komnick seconded. All voted to conclude the meeting.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary