Association Meeting
July 16, 2005, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Dick Dawes
Roy Dawes
Don Deckard
Wayne Deckard
Bob Delp
Paul Handrock
Mark Hyten
John Kochmer
Chuck Leucht
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dennis Paradise
Dick Patterson
Larry Poe
Gary Rogers
Jack Snyder
Arvel Turner
Charlie Westerfield
Chad Williams
Bill Wilson

Also Present:
Chuck Beem
Jim Worrell

Wayne Deckard: Thanks to all that helped work at the Affordable Flying Open House. All repercussions after the event were positive. ... We need an opinion from the governing body on the different types of memberships. No decisions have been made yet. ... One thing that we need to talk about is a rule clarification: Members using an IA to do work on the aircraft is OK if the member has a hangar. ... Other issues: People want certain hangars, especially the enclosed ones; we can't afford to buy doors, etc., to close off the hangars that we have. ... Right now we have a hangar signup board; it's more fair to allow current members to get first shot at open hangars.

Bill Wilson: Can we have multiple levels of membership?

Wayne Deckard: Yes, that could be possible. While we are talking about the open house, how much did we spend?

Larry Poe: We spent about S1,500 on open house.

Bill Wilson: We could have an "A" member, "B" member, etc., just like a country club.

Jim Worrell: How about gold, silver or bronze?

Roy Dawes: An "A" would have to have an aircraft on the field ...

Wayne Deckard: We have requests of many people wanting to come in, mostly for the reason to buy cheap fuel; Brentco doesn't want to get into buying fuel every month.

Roy Dawes: If we get into retail sales then we have to deal with sales tax issues and insurance.

Wayne Deckard: Right now we don't own the fuel in the tanks

Chuck Beem: Right now you are in a good situation; I'd hate to have to give it up.

Wayne Deckard: Suggestion - non-resident status that doesn't allow purchase of fuel at current prices.

Larry Poe: We have open hangars; why do we want to rent tie-down space at a reduced rate? Besides, our insurance does not cover anyone that is tied down.

Unknown attendee: What about the Commander? Why is it here? Why isn't it in a hangar?

Wayne Deckard: The Commander does not fit in any hangars here. It is completely uninsured by the association.

Jim Worrell: What are the costs of hangar rent?

Wayne Deckard: $75 to $120 per month.

Chuck Beem: When will hangar 11 be open?

Jack Snyder: As soon as the disabled aircraft can be flown out.

Wayne Deckard: We don't want to tie down aircraft on the grass field since it is used by airplanes as a runway. We also need to be careful about how we position airplanes in the hangars since we've gotten into moving smaller airplanes into larger hangars. We are going to end up with hangars that can only be rented to very small aircraft.

Don Deckard: How much fuel can we sell without getting into trouble (with Brentco)?

Roy Dawes: Brentco doesn not want us to retail their fuel to the public.

Wayne Deckard: Less than 50% of the tenants buy fuel right now, so the volume isn't very large. What will be an issue is when we have to replenish the fuel it will be at higher prices. Whatever we decide today will be the rule for the next year or so.

Jack Snyder: What about different prices for different classes of membership?

Wayne Deckard: No, then it becomes retail. We also have to remember that more volunteer work would be needed if more members buy fuel.

Jim Worrell: Where do you (the association) want to be in five years?

Wayne Deckard: As a non-profit organization our goal is to keep the field open and active. We are not into this airport for a profit or living; we just want to keep it open.

Roy Dawes: We should work to buy the property.

Jim Worrell: As tenants, what can you (the association) do? Can you tear up and build?

Wayne Deckard: Yes.

Don Deckard: What if we put in new fuel tanks?

Roy Dawes, Jim Worrel: The cost of a tank would be $30-50,000.

Chuck Beem: I want to move (my airplane) right now if I can get into a hangar. What are the advantages of belonging to the association right now?

Wayne Deckard: If you have a misunderstanding with an IA or instruction, club will hold a conference to help resolve the problem. 90% of the time it is poor communication. We work to insure that our members are satisfied with what is being done with their airplanes. We have no based IAs; you can bring in your own to work on your based airplane.

Chuck Beem: Is there an issue with storing your own 80 octane fuel?

Wayne Deckard: That's an insurance issue. It must be stored in a proper tank and building.

Bill Wilson: Many of these problems are board issues. "A" members should get priorities.

Wayne Deckard: Voting rights would be for "A" members only?

Wayne Deckard: We need to get a precedent established on how we move forward.

Roy Dawes motioned to put the issue before the board. Jack Snyder seconded. All voted in favor. MOTION PASSED.

Paul Handrock: Could we allocate fuel? That way we wouldn't sell too much without annoying Brentco?

Bill Wilson: That would be a board issue to discuss the pros and cons.

Wayne Deckard: Everyone should get with a board member with your opinion on how we handle memberships and fuel sales. We still need to watch out for the people who have been here and volunteer but don't yet have a plane on the field.

Gary Rogers: What are the responsibilites of the directors?

Michael Mossman: For the directors it is to use good judgement and vote on the issues.

John Mullenax: What about subletting your hangar?

Dennis Paradise? Why? We have empty hangars.

Michael Mossman: Most rental agreements would never allow subletting without written permission from the landlord.

Wayne Deckard: We will starting getting into the issue of who is the rightful tenant of the hangar, the person who gave it up or the one who is in it. Also, who do we call if an airplane is damaged in a hangar? Should we expect our insurance to cover anybody who happened to be in there?


At this time the general discussions ended and the election was held. Michael Mossman gave a verbal reading of the candidates and asked that anyone present who wanted to run for office to make their intentions known. Gary Rogers said that he was willing to run as a director. Also, John Komnick (not present) was announced as willing to run as a director. The elections were held on printed ballots and collected. Michael Mossman and Arvel Turner tallied the ballots.

Election Results:
President: Wayne Deckard, 19 votes
Vice President: Roy Dawes, 19 votes
Secretary: Michael Mossman, 18 votes
Treasurer: John Snyder, 3 votes; Chad Williams, 14 votes
Directors: Gene Hollingsworth, 17 votes; Larry Poe, 17 votes; Gary Rogers, 7 votes; John
Komnick, 5 votes; Chad Williams, 1 vote.

The officers for the coming year:
President: Wayne Deckard
Vice President: Roy Dawes
Secretary: Michael Mossman
Treasurer: Chad Williams
Directors: Gene Hollingsworth, Larry Poe, Gary Rogers

Wayne Deckard: The board will resolve the A-B-C membership question in the next two weeks then all members will vote to accept or reject the proposal.

Roy Dawes: We should mail out a ballot on the issue.

Wayne Deckard: The meeting is now adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary