Association Meeting
February 18, 2006, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Roy Dawes
Don Deckard
Wayne Deckard
Gene Hollingsworth
Mark Hyten
Mike Jackson
Chuck Leucht
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dick Patterson
Larry Poe
Gary Rogers
John Snyder
Bruce Thompson
Arvel Turner
Charles Westerfield
Chad Williams

Also Present:
Dave Kopeschka
Heather Poe
Ed Reinhart

Association President Wayne Deckard brought the meeting to order at about 3 p.m.

Wayne Deckard: The board has been working on the lease; the Hendersons do not want to downgrade the airport to private access. If it stays public access they will realize a big property tax savings.

There is no stopping Jump Indy from using the runway as a public access, general aviation airport. But there is no legal easement of record between the two properties.

The Hendersons are honoring the lease contract to BCAA. To accomodate the jump school they may lease a piece of property to them or to us to allow Chappel to get his airplane to the runway. They might have already leased it to the farmer; that would push the liability off to a third party, not to us. We do not want Chappell loading or unloading on the airport, only on his own property. The worst of all evils would be to have him loading on the ramp. Our insurance will not be in effect for his operation.

The Hendersons should have our lease contract ready by the end of the month.

The FAA has no interest in the matter until there is a safety problem. But INDOT may close the airport if we deny access to another aircraft.

We do have Henderson's OK to negotiate with Chappell.

I've contacted the national skydiving associations; they say that 80% of their accidents are ground related. Someone falls trying to get into an airplane or out, or walks into a propeller, trips over a beer can, or whatever. We need to keep their ground operation off of the property. We may need additional insurance.

If we or the Hendersons lease Chappell an access strip to the airport it will be in writing and will state that it is not an easement. A condition of the lease would be that 100% of his operations will be conducted on his property. We will state that any additional expenses that our club could incur will be borne by Chappell.

Wayne Deckard: We cannot do or allow transient aircraft repairs. We can't have mechanics come in to do repairs on non-member aircraft. If someone comes in they must pay the regular membership fee, hangar rent, maintenance hangar fee, plus fill out an application. Michael Mossman will make a new rules acknowledgement form, which will be required by all members.

John Snyder motioned, and Chuck Leucht seconded, that we create said document.

Mark Hyten recommended that the form requires a signed acceptance from a board member and a sponsoring existing member.

Wayne Deckard: We do not allow a commercial member to join the oirganization. We can do business with a commercial operation, but we must keep them at arm's length.

Michael Mossman: We should write a "stranded pilot" policy and waiver form.

Larry Poe: Jump Indy's website directs their customers to access their property through the airport grounds. Michael Mossman will write a "cease and desist" letter to Jump Indy.

Once again, John Snyder motioned, and Chuck Leucht seconded, that we create a membership acceptance document. All voted in favor. Motion passed.

John Snyder: We need to post the rules in large black letters on the use of the maintenance hangar.

Mark Hyten motioned that we establish guidelines for accepting new members, that one member in good standing sponsor a new member, and a board member is required to approve them acceptance. Chad Williams seconded the motion. All voted in favor. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Chad Williams: We have $10,546 in the account, not counting the checks in the office yet to be deposited. We bought about $6,000 worth of fuel, so we'll owe that amount. We were paid hangar rent for the Cessna 337 and the Aztec from last year. The 337 paid $300 for the rent because there was some question as to when it actually came in and left.

Chad Williams: Please write on your checks if for fuel or rent, as fuel is handled by Wayne and rents are handled by Chad.

Wayne Deckard: We have a volunteer sign-up sheet for our party, scheduled for June 17. We are starting to see some people volunteer for assignments. At the March meeting Michael Mossman will give a report on the problems we ran into last year, and how to solve them.

At the March meeting Wayne Deckard will bring in some vegetable stew.

Airport Improvements: Roy Dawes will purchase for the association a base station UNICOM. We will eventually add outdoor speakers and an amplifier. Chad Williams will try to find a weather system, approximate cost is $400.

Michael Mossman motioned to close the meeting; Gene Hollingsworth seconded. All voted to close.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary