Association Meeting
March 20, 2007, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

In attendance:
Chuck Leucht
Michael Mossman
Chad Williams

Also Present:
Roy Dawes
Gene Hollingsworth
Charles Westerfield

COMMITTEE CONSENSUS: Controlling event expenses in light of the needed repairs to the runway and other airport facilities.

Michael Mossman: we need to be careful who we invite. Last year the majority of our riders came from Greenwood, who will neither benefit fromt the airport nor support us in any way. We didn't get much from their attendance.

Chad Williams: Concentrating on last year's expenses (food and shirts, etc.), I recommend that we request a $5 donation per person. Keep the event as free to the public, post notification at other airports, but not necessarily advertise it as "Affordable Flying," but still be a community event. Request a donation for share of gas for airplane rides.

Michael Mossman: I recommend that we research the recent FAA rulings on charitable rides for hire before we go that route.

Chad Williams: We had frisbees last year for sale. We need to try to sell those for whatever we can get.


SHIRTS: Limit free shirts to volunteers ONLY. We will have our volunteer sign-up sheet; we should get a few extras for last-minute volunteers. Only one shirt per volunteer. Drop N-Numbers from front of shirt; this will be easier to deal with extra volunteers, especially if we have some that don't show up.

YOUNG EAGLES: Ground control is poor.

1. Rides too long; maximum 12-15 minutes

2. Club pays for fuel

3. Keep a posted schedule for riders

4. Need rider or parent cell phone number on form

5. No guaranteed rides on planes

6. No grouping kids together

7. Set limit to number of Young Eagles carried and/or time limits

8. Screen for first riders. Previous riders will go to back of line.

9. Sign-up sheet for EAA volunteers

10. Ads for Young Eagles must state age limit

11. Need poster or sign in the office with Young Eagles rules

12. State up-front that Young Eagles is separate from BCAA; we are only hosting it.

13. Set cut-off limit about two weeks before event.

14. Park airplanes on ramp counter-clockwise for easier boarding

15. Computer and printer for certificates. Kid carries clipboard with certificate to plane; will know which one to get in.

16. Need intercom between office and control tower to announce riders.

PAID RIDES: Glenndale got $15 for a normal short airplane ride. Our ground track should follow same path as Young Eagles, which would be basically around Lebanon. Chad Williams recommended that we charge $10.

Chuck Leucht: All pilots should start off with a full tank (at their expense) then received a fill-up at club's expense when finished (or re-fueling).

Pilot's Meeting: All pilots who plan on flying that day, whether or not flying the programs, will need to attend the meeting to know what is going on. We will need to pre-determine our patterns for both runway directions.

FOOD: Hog is OK. Will ask Maurice if he would like to do it again. We will need to look for more donations of food and drink. Recommend that we post of list of foods that we need and ask a committee to look for best prices per item. For large quantities we will need to order in advance. Charles Westerfield has membership to Sam's Club and would allow us to buy on his card.

Brief discussion about not inviting the general public but promoting event at other airports.

Michael will pre-print vouchers for tax deductions, as food and ride funds will be tax deductable.

Further discussion for other fund raising.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary