Association Meeting
August 18, 2007, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Roy Dawes
Wayne Deckard
Gene Hollingsworth
Mike Jackson
John Komnick
Chuck Leucht
Michael Mossman
Dick Patterson
Larry Poe
Gary Rogers
John Snyder
Bruce Thompson
Charles Westerfield

Also present:
Pam Leucht
Heather Poe
Gayla Rogers
Jesse Rogers
Erick Roldan

Wayne Deckard: Owners are asking about 3.8 million dollars for airport property. We are still looking for a committee to investigate buying an airport. This project will never get one on a once-a-month basis.

Michael Mossman: How many here could afford extra rent to pay the interest on a 99-year loan? (mixed consensus).

Erick Roldan: Still looking for alternative revenue for the airport.

Wayne Deckard: Federal government looking for alternative energy sources, Erick's solar panel farm could work.

Wayne Deckard: Erick Roldan tried to get a certified letter from Kirkpatrick about intensions. I want the club to not be responsible. We need to know what Kirkpatrick's interests are, but we don't want to take actions.

Mike Jackson: We need to take him to court. We had to threaten a mechanic's lien to get him to pay in the past.

Chuck Leucht: Anything in the rules on how long we allow someone to be in arrears?

Michael Mossman: No.

Wayne Deckard: Erick is trying to get control. Erick's letter is not answered, but Michael Mossman's letter was signed for.

Bruce Thompson; What is the law?

Wayne Deckard: We might need to knock on his door.

Fall Cookout scheduled for September 15.

Wayne Deckard: We did OK on the Open House in spite of the rain.

Treasurer's Report: All bills are paid and we have about $2,000 in the bank.

Current price of fuel is $3.80.

Wayne Deckard: All of the runway lights need to be under 18 inches high. One blue light is too high.

Chuck Leucht: New member application. Charles Rice wants to move airplane to the field.

Wayne Deckard: Estimate cost to repair runway will be about $1,000, we will need a concrete saw, jack hammer and a backhoe.

The Christmas Party will be coming up; we need to start planning for it.

Chuck Leucht motioned to adjourn, Wayne Deckard seconded. All in favor. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary