Association Meeting
July 19, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Rodney Davis
Roy Dawes
Wayne Deckard
Kristen Henke
Mike Jackson
Chuck Leucht
John Komnick
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dick Patterson
Gary Rogers
Erick Roldan
Randy Shrewsberry
Charles Westerfield
Chad Williams

Also Present:
Pam Leucht
Gayla Rogers
Jessie Rogers

Roy Dawes: Fuel will be here in a week or two.

Chad Williams: I'd like to publicly thank Justin Komnick, Roy Dawes and John Komnick for getting the air conditioning working in here. I'd like for the club to buy a dinner gift certificate for Justin for the work that he did. Chuck Leucht seconded, all in favor.

Roy Dawes: Phil Chappell was out here a few weeks ago. The Hendersons say they are not selling to him. The owner of Don Brown's old hangar will not rent to him.

Wayne Deckard: Additionally, the property owners between Brown's hangar and the airport will not grant him a right of way. As a public access airport he can take off an land here but he can't operate a jump school here. The adjacent property owners will not give him any rights so he is DOA.

Wayne Deckard: We having issues with the T-Bone (twin-engine Beechcraft)

Chad Williams: There is nothing in the bylaws allowing outdoor storage.

Wayne Deckard: We had a understanding that a member aircraft that would not fit in a hangar could be stored on the tarmac, like I did with the Twin Commander.

Wayne Deckard: During the open house I spent time with the local government officials; they are excited about turning this place into a municipal airport or county airport. We need a committee to put together a proposal. The city will need to annex the property. The airport owners want it annexed and most of the local government officials are in favor of making it a city airport.

Randy Shrewsberry: What about AOPA involvement?

Wayne Deckard: I apologize but I am too busy to get involved until after this Navion restoration project is over. The local goverment officials want to meet in September. We need our committee to meet in private. If you want to be on the committee you are welcome to join, but if you are not on it, submit your thoughts in writing.

COMMITTEE: Randy Shrewberry, Michael Mossman, Chad Williams, Roy Dawes, Erick Roldan. Mike Jackson will help with research.

Wayne Deckard: Indiana Department of Transportation is behind us here, says the feds have tagged this airport for improvement because it is one of two 30-foot runways in the United States. There is a guy in Huntington who can help us. He says that there uis $167,000 per year available if this becomes a municipal airport. The money is available to protect against encroachments. We need our proposal done in 30-60 days.

We need to maintain control of the airport. The local officials are in favor of us doing the research so they don't have to do it.

The plan would be to expand to a 6,000-foot runway, new FBO on Indianapolis Road. Corporations can build new hangars on the north end, then tear down the old hangars and build new open T-hangars. Guys who want closed hangars can go to the north end. A flight school would be on the south end. The AOPA says feds do not want through-the-fence operations so adjacent properties would be at risk if they want access to the airport. If there are airport residences it would need to be a gate community. New houses with access to the airport are tax revenue.

Chad Williams: Affordable Flying open house costs:
Shirts $783.34
Paint Misc 106.59
Drinks 212.44
Food 1,097.33
PortaPots 215.33
Tables 290.54
Fuel 497.80
Total Expenses: $3,203.27
Donations: 1,200.00
BCAA net cost: $2,003.27

Chad Williams: We will owe Brentco about $9,000 for fuel; we used about 2/3rds of the last load. We are owed about $4,000 from members. Club does not have enough to pay Brentco if our members do not pay their bills. We will have enough fo rthe next month's bills, which are due in just a week. Once we get past this current crunch we will be in good shape for the rest of the year.

Michael Mossman announced the election results: President, Wayne Deckard; Vice President, Roy Dawes; Secretary, Michael Mossman; Treasurer, Chad Williams; Board of Directors, Gene Hollingsworth, Jim Kouns, Chuck Leucht. We had several people nominated for officers and directors, and many had a good showing with some votes.

Michael Mossman; Roy Dawes is thinking about taking the bus to Oshkosh. We will have a sign-up form for those who are interested in going. Last year the two of us spent about $200 each for fuel, camping pass and tickets for the event. The fuel costs will be strictly shared.

Rodney Davis: Would like to publicly thank Roy Dawes and Wayne Deckard and others for getting plane ready to fly.

Chad Williams motioned to adjourn; John Komnick seconded. All in favor. Meeting adourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary