Association Meeting
November 15, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Roy Dawes
Don Deckard
Wayne Deckard
Kristen Henke
Gene Hollingsworth
John Komnick
Jim Kouns
Chuck Leucht
Steve McClure
Richard Patterson
Erick Roldan
John Snyder
Charles Westerfield

Also Present:
Jake Dawes
Pam Leucht

3:00 p.m.: Meeting called to order

Wayne Deckard: Fall and winter safety items: check electric cords, check exhaust for carbon monoxide leaks, check tiedown ropes, check fuel for water at or above 32 degrees F

Wayne Deckard: Christmas party set for the third Saturday in January. We need suggestions for the place.

Wayne Deckard: We need to address the underground storage tank issues. Wayne will contact the property owners and Brentco.

John Snyder: We need copies of the tank information from the property owners for future reference.

Steve McClure will contact Andy Henderson for an update on the inspections. Andy will need to fax the tank information to Williams, Beck & Hess, who does internal tank inspections.

Wayne Deckard: Vern Samuels has passed his check ride.

3:19 p.m. Wayne Deckard moved to adjourn; John Komnick seconded. Motion passed; meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jim Kouns, Board of Directors Member