Board of Directors Meeting
November 22, 12:00 p.m.
Squealers Restaurant
West 86th Street
Indianapolis IN

In attendance:
Wayne Deckard, President
Roy Dawes, Vice President
Michael Mossman, Secretary
Chad Williams, Treasurer
Gene Hollingsworth, Director
Jim Kouns, Director
Chuck Leucht, Director

12:00 p.m.: Meeting called to order by club President Wayne Deckard

Group discussion: Underground fuel storage tanks.

Jim Kouns: We received a letter Friday. Andy Henderson has the non-compliance letter for the Underground Storage Tanks (UST). It will cost $2,600 to inspect the old tanks. We must also check the anode corrosion rods on the new tank.

Wayne Deckard: We need a permit to operate the tanks. If the tanks are not operated, they must be pulled from the ground.

Chad Williams: We should get Brentco involved, as they are users of the system.

Roy Dawes: We are at odds with Brentco.

Jim Kouns: There is a chance that we will not be able to get fuel if Brentco wants out. We might not be able to pay in advance for a full load of fuel.

Wayne Deckard: We can pull the tanks but we will have to pay for the soil test; disposal of the fiberglass tank goes to Hazmat.

Chad Williams: We should analyze our insurance policy to see if we are covered in case of a fuel leak.

Group discussion: Funds available for compliance and Christmas Party.

Chad Williams: Our complete checking account balance is $4,610; about $2,600 is available now.

Jim Kouns: We could have the Christmas Party with members paying for their own dinners.

Chad Williams: We could raise rent for the first time in four years of the club.

Michael Mossman: We have the option of an assessment per member to pay for the system. Also, we can raise the price of the fuel to help cover the costs. We could also offer to members the option to pre-pay for fuel, which will raise the cash for buying the load of fuel if Brentco wants out.

Chad Williams: We need more information on the tanks to see about monitoring systems. The monitoring systems must be sized for the tanks.

Wayne Deckard: If we want to continue to have fuel available to our members, here are our options: Option 1, Dig up tanks for about $6,000, then buy new tanks. Option 2, Fix and maintain the current tanks, and also request assistance from the property owners and Brentco.

Chuck Leucht motioned for the association to have the tanks inspected; Wayne Deckard seconded. All voted in favor; motion passed.

Discussion: If the tanks pass, should we go forward with the monitoring system(s)? If one tank is bad, do both come out?

Chad Williams motioned that if both tanks pass, the association will get up to compliance standards; Chuck Leucht seconded; All voted in favor; motion passed.

Chad Williams: Michael Mossman will write a letter to the property owners requesting full dimensions of the tanks for remote monitoring.

Group discussion: Christmas party location, options, financing.

Jim Kouns motioned for members to pay their own way at the party, location to be announced later; Chuck Leucht seconded. Six voted in favor, one abstaining; Motion passed.

Wayne Deckard motioned to adjourn; Chuck Leucht seconded. All voted in favor; meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary