Association Meeting
March 21, 2009, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Roy Dawes
Wayne Deckard
Kristen Henke
Gene Hollingsworth
Mike Jackson
John Komnick
Chuck Leucht
Steve McClure
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dick Patterson
Charles Rice
Gary Rogers
John Snyder
Charles Westerfield
Chad Williams

Also Present:
Hilda Patterson
Jason Starkey
4 unknown others

Wayne Deckard brought the meeting to order at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Wayne Deckard: Michael Mossman will send a letter to people after this meeting that they need to read the minutes.

Wayne Deckard: Letter asking about money for bank and June flying. People were reading between the lines. We are not destitute, not broke, not closing. Better financial condition now than when we opened. Do not pay attention to the rumors; we are in good shape. Most people responded were for reserving $5,000. Many asked how do we acquire it? What do we have to give up to get there? Do we save perhaps $400 per month; if so that will get us there in a year. Remember, within three years we will need to inspect the fuel tanks again at a minimum of $3,000.

Chad Williams: Motion to budget $300 per month and shut down maintenance until we get there.

Wayne Deckard: Before we go to a vote, let's look at our monthly revenue potential. With our current level of members and rent, our monthly income is $3,130. Our average bills are about $2,605.

Chad Williams: Financial statement: We paid $3,000 for the tank inspection, $4,890 for the monitoring system, which totals $7,890 in excess expenses last year. We now have $2,628 in the checking account. In our average monthly expenses we have three months of our $1,700 property rent that we don't have to pay.

Kristen Henke: How do we pay for fuel if we don't have a reserve?

Wayne Deckard: Fuel is the responsibility of Brentco, the pipeline company. They pay to bring it in; we are buying from them when we know what we consumed.

John Komnick: I second Chad's motion; All votes here for the motion; none against. Motion passed.

Wayne Deckard: The club exists to keep the airport open. This place needs to be fun thing for pilots and families. Let's not get negative about safety and other people. I don't want to listen to complaints about people. Leave your personal problems out of the club. If you have a problem with another member, you should try to resolve it with them.

Wayne Deckard: We need to have a monthly safety session at our meetings, so note that this is spring time in Indiana. All birds are trying to get into airplanes to nest. Keep them plugged up. Always check for nests and for damage to wiring. You could have a fire from bird intrusion. Also, check for moisture and corrosion on your mag switch. Make sure that the mag switch shuts the engine all the way off. Do a test before shutting down by pulling to full idle and briefly checking that the mag switch will cut off the engine. The problem is that you can stop the engine with mixture but one mag may still be hot, and the engine could be started by someone moving the prop. If the switch doesn't shut off the engine, shut it off with mixture then operate the switch about 20 times to clean off the corrosion then start up and test again. Usually it fixes it. If it won't you need to get the switch and/or wiring fixed so that it does.

Wayne Deckard: Our fourth issue is the outcome on the Affordable Flying Open House. We received mixed feelings on the vote, which was complicated by the issue of whether or not we have enough money.

Steve McClure: We have deeper issues with insurance and liability.

Wayne Deckard: There is always a lawyer ready to sue. Our insurance company is rated A-1 by AOPA. As long as we don't do an airshow, we are covered. We must have an additional package for an airshow, etc., which we don't perform.

Steve McClure: There are principles (owners) involved, and they have liability by our actions.

Wayne Deckard: They have liability insurance for their property that would protect them for the same events.

Roy Dawes: Their insurance would be secondary; ours would be the first to pay.

Steve McClure: Are the property owners aware of our events?

Wayne Deckard: Yes, and they recommended it the first year and at least one comes out each year.

Steve McClure: I will be more comfortable with the open house if we have their blessing this year.

Wayne Deckard: Our date for the open house would be June 20, which is Father's Day weekend. We could do it with no financing from the club.

Chuck Leucht: How would we do that?

Wayne Deckard: We would get sponsorships from restaurants and bars.

Wayne Deckard: With our mail-in votes and those who called in their votes, we are at a tie. The Board will have to make a decision.

Chad Williams: Our formal financial statement, we have $2,628.12 in the bank, with $589 from fuel, leaving about $2,038 available. We do have a few members who are behind in their rents.

Steve McClure: Why do we let people get behind? They should pay on time or just leave. Let's run this like a business.

Wayne Deckard: We will schedule a board of directors meeting within the next 10 days.

After this point the members voted to adjourn the meeting.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary