Association Meeting
September 18, 2010, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Wayne Deckard
Jim Kouns
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dick Patterson
John Saalwaechter
Jay Schaumburg
John Snyder
Charles Westerfield

Also Present:
Ron Lehrman

Wayne Deckard brought the meeting to order at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Tax Liability: We received our letters of reinstatement from the Indiana Secretary of State's office. We have also received our letters from the IRS confirming that we have no tax liability or late penalties.

Runway Repairs: With fall weather here we need to get the bad sections of the runway repaired. The current plan is to use Jimmy Laser's crew and equipment to saw out the bad sections of the runway, starting on a Friday morning, then have airport volunteers to frame in the concrete on Friday afternoon and pour concrete on Saturday morning. The runway will be down through that Sunday morning. We will need to post a NOTEM with the FAA and mark the runway with an "X" on each end with yellow plastic banner material and sandbags. John Snyder will look for yellow table cover roll material to use.

Fuel System: One tank monitor probe is defective and is out of warranty. The replacement cost is approximately $1,200. Jim Kouns is working with the company who sold it to get a replacement at a minimum cost. We can install the replacement ourselves. The probe still works for the state-required test but will not register levels; we can still check the tank level with a stick. We have also replaced the nozzles on the fuel pumps.

Other Desired Repairs: John Saalwaechter wants the walkway to the maintenance hangar fixed. John Snyder wants the "alley" in front of the maintenance hangar fixed. Michael Mossman recommended patching the damaged asphalt on apron in front of fuel pumps

Property Maintenance: Jim Kouns cleared the Operations Building store room and main room, with more cleaning work to do. If there is anything stored in the building that is not for the operation of the airport, with will be thrown away. If anyone has any personal property in the building at is not used for the airport operation, they will need to take it out before it gets discarded.

Fuel availability: Avgas is $4.10 per gallon for members. Members should use the north pump and leave the south pump to Brentco.

Treasurer's Report: Approximately $8,700 in savings and checking, of which about $2,000 is for fuel.

Member News: Jimmy Laser's wife had her baby the other day. It's a boy, and is Jimmy's third child.

Safety Session: John Saalwaechter reported the airport has deer that frequent the runways. Wayne Deckard said that members should clear the runway for deer before landing.

Aircraft Transactions: Nancy Noel reportedly bought Randy Shrewsberry's Cherokee 140 and will be partners with Roy Dawes. The purchase has not been confirmed yet. Gary Baum sold his Cessna 150, which has moved to Patrom's Field. Gary is now looking for another airplane. Paul Cowger took his Cessna 150 project home, so there are two hangar spaces that are open. Jay Schaumburg still working on a deal for a Cessna 150.

Maintenance Hangar Alert: Earl Brosman will be spraying silver paint in the maintenance hangar. Members will need to protect their airplanes from overspray.

Upcoming Activities: Lee Bottom Field's "Wood, Fabric and Tailwheels" fly-in will be on Saturday, September 25, with the group fly-out on Friday afternoon. Chad Williams, Kristen Henke and John Komnick are all currently planning on flying. Earl Brosman will be taking his camper and can haul supplies, if necessary. Earl plans on leaving from the Beech Grove area on Friday morning, so there is anything that needs to be hauled it should be at the airport by Thursday afternoon. Saturday, October 2 is the annual "Dog Roast" at the airport, which is for members, volunteers and their immediate guests. We will start around 4 p.m. or so, with dinner around 5:30 or 6. Club will buy hog dogs, buns, etc., with members pitching-in with other items. Noblesville EAA Chapter 67's Fall Barbecue is Sunday, October 10.

Adjournment: Jim Kouns moved to adjourn, John Snyder seconded; all voted in favor of adjournment.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary