Association Meeting
October 16, 2010, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Don Deckard
Wayne Deckard
Kristen Henke
Mike Jackson
Jim Kouns
Chuck Leucht
Steve McClure
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dick Patterson
Jay Shaumburg
Charles Westerfield

Also Present:
Steve Wojcik

Wayne Deckard brought the meeting to order at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Runway Repair: Jim Kouns organized the runway repairs, which were made on October 8 and 9. Jimmy Laser brought out two of his crew and equipment for Friday and Saturday; Tim Rich also brought out a Bobcat. We spent $2,941.01 for 22 yards of concrete, and additional $300 for outside labor, plus some other miscellaneous expenses for a rental saw and other items.

Safety Session: Winter is coming on us. Check fuel tanks and sump them. If you leave any water in them over the winter, the tank can develop a leak. Check your tie-down ropes; if they are bad then replace them while the weather is good. Make sure all of your anchors are secure. As temperatures drop, check tire pressure. Pressure will go down when temperatures go down.

Electrical System: Earl Brosman and Jim Kouns fixed a broken neutral wire to the maintenance hangar. We will need to make some additional permanent repairs to the electrical system, some of which will involve all new cable. The circuit breaker box for the maintenance hangar needs to be replaced.

Activities: Jim Kouns motioned to hold the annual get-together Christmas Holiday Party in January, with the actual date to be determined later. Kristen Henke seconded the motion; all voted in favor, none against. Chuck Leucht motioned to hold the party at Green Street in Brownsburg, Jim Kouns seconded. All voted in favor, none against. Steve McClure volunteered to contact the restaurant and make reservations.

Fuel System Report: Replacement fuel probe has not yest arrived but it is expected to be here in a day or two. As of the meeting time we have 408 gallons in the north tank, of which about 350 are usable. The south tank has about 100 gallons less. Members are reminded to use the north pump unless it is out of fuel.

Club Tool Chest: Earl Brosman asked if members would like to donate commonly used tools to a club tool chest. He has some to start the set but will need a tool cabinet to start. We have some jacks here, and Roy's compressor is still here, although he may need to take it to his new shop. Items needed to start the tool chest: sockets and wrenches from 1-1/8" on down, screwdrivers, compression checker, magneto tester, cylinder head wrenches, nitrogen bottle, regulators for the nitrogen bottle.

Tax Liability: We received our letters of reinstatement from the Indiana Secretary of State's office. We have also received our letters from the IRS confirming that we have no tax liability or late penalties.

Membership: Mike Jackson is leaving to start a new job in Colorado the first of November. He is trying to sell his RANS and will be moving his Cessna. Kristen Henke has accepted a job promotion and transfer to the Chicago area She currently plans on keeping her airplane here.

Financial Report (via email): $7,117.27 in account; runway repair bills not yet submitted.

Adjournment: Steve McClure moved to adjourn, Jim Kouns seconded; all voted in favor of adjournment.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary