Association Meeting
December 18, 2010, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Don Deckard
Wayne Deckard
Kristen Henke
Gene Hollingsworth
Jimmy Laser
Chuck Leucht
Steve McClure
Michael Mossman
John Mullenax
Dick Patterson
Jack Snyder
Charles Westerfield
Chad Williams

Also present:
Larry Poe

Wayne Deckard brought the meeting to order at approximately 3:10 p.m.

Safety Session: FAA reports recent problems with fog ice plugging air filters. Wayne Deckard recommends being ready with alternate air sources. Pilots flying low wing airplanes are encouraged to watch out for snow piles and drifts. If you fly out of town and return, be aware that the snow along the side of the runway and/or taxiways may be higher when you return.

Fuel Facilities: North fuel pump is currently inoperative. Parts have been ordered and repairs should be made by the end of next week. The south fuel pump is working. We received a new load of fuel; the price is estimated to be $4.30 per gallon. We would also like to convert the over-head fuel tank to dispense unleaded auto fuel this year.

Snow Removal: Wayne Deckard asks hangar tenants to shovel snow from in front of their hangars. We have volunteers clearing the runway, ramp, taxi ways and alleys but they will not clear snow close to your airplane so they don't damage your propeller. Snow plow volunteers are asked to check along the fuel system to be sure that the hose is on the grass and not on the ramp to avoid damage to the fuel system.

Christmas Party: Saturday, January 15, 2011, at Green Street Station in Brownsburg, with a limited entree menu and full appetizer menu. Brief business meeting at 6:30, dinner at 7, cocktails all evening. Michael Mossman will send written invitations to all members and volunteers. Members and guests who want to participate may bring a gift for a White Elephant gift exchange.

Accounting Expenses: Chad Williams reported that we received an invoice for approximately $480 for accounting services. Steve McClure motioned to approve payment, Gene Hollingsworth seconded, all voted in favor of payment.

Facilities Report: The white bulb on the rotating beacon burned out; the club bought a replacement bulb and spare for $59 each. Charles Westerfield, Jim Kouns and Steve McClure took down the wind sock and repaired it.

Aircraft Re-registration: John Mullenax reported that the FAA has the new aircraft re-registration forms available at the Plainfield FSDO. He added that the forms are incorrect in stating that if nothing has changed then the re-registration is not necessary. Wayne Deckard asked that the club check on the re-registration dates for member aircraft and assist with the paperwork, keeping members up-to-date.

Future Meeting Program: Wayne Deckard would like to invite Terry Gill and Dan King from the FAA to a future meeting, potentially February. They would like to talk about owner registration and owner aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft Transactions: The Cessna 320 is leaving the field, potentially this weekend. Bob and Vern Samuels sold their Navion but will be keeping their hangar, as they will be looking for another airplane.

Free Seminars: Larry Poe reported that the Aviation Technology Center at Indianapolis International Airport will be hosting free I/A seminars on January 28. Go to the FAA website to sign up. There will be 15 different one-hour classes. Poe added that these classes are good for those pilots who do self-maintenance.

Treasurer's Report: $4,099.90 in the account.

Adjournment: Chad Williams motioned to adjourn; Gene Hollingsworth seconded. All voted in favor of adjournment.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary