Association Meeting
November 13, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Wayne Deckard
Jason Jackson
Chuck Leucht
Michael Mossman
Dick Patterson
Tom Rich
Darren Roberts
Erick Roldan
Jay Schaumberg
Charles Westerfield

Also Present:

Chad Williams brought the meeting to order at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Dinner: Michael Mossman and Chuck Leucht brought chili and cheese dip for the pitch-in dinner.

Winterization: Water lines on the maintenance hangar are disconnected and blown out for the season. Check your tie-down ropes and make sure that all ties are in good condition. We have had some very windy days recently. The snow plow is not yet on the dump truck.

Annual Holiday Party: Tentatively set for Saturday, January 19. Last year it was at Green Street Station in Brownsburg, which had good food and plenty of room for the group. They also have live music in the bar after the party. Wayne Deckard would like to go back to Stuckey's in Thorntown. The last time we were at Stuckey's they double-booked another party and we were crammed in too tight. Michael Mossman suggested The Warehouse in Lebanon, which has a separate party room. Chad Williams will contact these sites about availability and costs.

Old Business: Last month John Saalwaechter mentioned someone who wanted to buy the Farmall tractor and offered $750. Chad Williams brought the offer to the property owner, who has not responded. The club would like to buy a busg hog with the proceeds.

Property Maintenance Equipment: Jay Schaumberg commented that used bush hogs in nice condition sell for about $400. Tom Rich has a bush hog for sale and is asking $350 to $500. Chad Williams motioned to buy the bush hog from Tom Rich, Darren Roberts seconded. All voted in favor, none opposed. Tom Rich also has a self-powered tow-behind mower that he will donate to the club. It has a 25-h.p. engine.

Aircraft Registration Renewal: All aircraft will have to be re-registered with the FAA every three years with the FAA. They will mail a postcard to remind you of the registration. It can be done with a form but the easiest way is on-line. If any members need assistance with on-line re-registration, Chad Williams will assist them on the computer in the operations building. You will need your credit card for the FAA fee.

General Operations: Earl Brosman bought two new clocks for the operations building. The original BCAA clock faces have been moved to the new clocks. The replacement wind sock is on back order. Tom Rich is replacing his eight-foot fluorescent light fixtures at his shop and will bring them for the club to install where necessary. Jason Wright found a used heater for the operations building and will donate to the club. We will need a new clip board for tracking the fuel usage. Earl Brosman has an infrared heater for use in the maintenance hangar. Bring your own 20-lb propane tank. Darren Roberts would like to collect donated Christmas decorations for the operations building. No one voiced any objections to decorations. The club is also looking for a replacement popcorn popper. Earl Brosman brought in a loaner hot air popper. Some members have recommended charging 50 cents per bag for popcorn.

Treasurer's Report: $4,933.75 in checking; $5,026.37 in savings. All bills are paid. The avgas fuel tank is not yet half empty. Dick Gurley will present a fuel status report during the December meeting.

New Tenants: Gary Baum is planning on moving an aircraft back to BCAA in the spring. He is trading his open-cockpit aircraft for a Cessna 140, which is currently located in the southeast.

Rodent Control: Earl Brosman has been catching some mice. More traps are available to members if they need them.

Safety Session: Put a carbon monoxide tag on your instrument panel if flying in the winter. CO tags are good for a season. Chad Williams will buy enough for the club members to use. Wayne Deckard cautioned the group to not place the detectors on a painted surface or on a plexiglas canopy.

Adjournment: Jay Schaumberg motioned to adjourn; Michael Mossman seconded. All voted in favor to adjourn.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary