Association Meeting
June 11, 2013, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Chad Williams — President
Jay Schaumberg — Treasurer
Dick Gurley — Acting Treasurer
Chuck Leucht — Board Member
Earl Brosman — Board Member
Gene Hollingsworth — Board Member
Steve McClure — Member
Bill Wagner — Member
Dick Patterson — Member
Darren Roberts — Member
Charles Westerfield — Member
Mark Hyton — Member
Wayne Deckard — Member
Don Deckard — Member

BCAA Meeting of June 12, 2013 Minutes

The June 2013 Meeting of the Boone County Airport Association was called to order by President Chad Williams at 18:02.

The Treasurer's report was given by Dick Gurley. Current Balances: Checking Account $7,964.37; Saving Account $9,028.70. All current bills are paid to date.

Chad Williams presented the group with an Airport Update. There has been a bid placed with the owners by a local land owner (Geisler) contingent upon the Airport Association continuing to maintain and otherwise be responsible for the operation of the airport and grounds. It is unclear as to the amount bid for the airport and surrounding property. Chad indicated to the group anecdotally that Mr. Geisler has no interest in "making money" on the airport through lease payments or contract means.

Darren Roberts voluntarily gave a brief synopsis of his recent accident on the grass runway in which his Stinson was totally destroyed. He learned that there are certain "do's and don'ts" involved when dealing with the FAA investigators subsequent to an incident or accident. Earl Brosman advised that there is similar list available to AOPA members.

Chad Williams advised the group of the Sheridan Airport "Fly-In" scheduled for Saturday July 13, 2013. Further, Kristen Heinke advised through Chad Williams that there is a "Fly-In" this weekend ( June 14, 15, and 16) at the Urbana airport.

Chad Williams noted that Tom Rich and Steve McClure had sprayed for weeds on the airport grounds with Tom supplying the machinery and Steve supplying the labor. Steve McClure purchased a new vacuum sweeper for the airport office. Members are urged to use one of the two vacuums voluntarily to keep the office tidy.

It was noted that we have one member at least twelve months behind in hangar rent. Discussion ensued regarding how this should be handled under the Association Bylaws. It was agreed that a letter would be written immediately to the offender advising of the arrears and possible penalties involved. At this point there was a discussion regarding the Bylaws themselves and their validity. The issue is to be addressed at a subsequent meeting.

There was a discussion of the maintenance hangar directed toward the possible leasing of the hangar for aircraft storage. Steve McClure made a motion to permit Earl Brosman to hangar his aircraft and support equipment in the maintenance hangar contingent upon members having the ability to move his aircraft out and use the hangar for maintenance. Earl gave verbal approval for all members to move his aircraft from the hangar. Subsequent to discussion, the motion was withdrawn by the initiator.

Chad Williams advised the group that his Garmin 396 is for sale for $750.00. Wayne Deckard advised that he has a Cessna 152 for sale.

A motion was made at 18:46 by Gene Hollingsworth to adjourn the meeting. Dick Gurley seconded the motion.

Minutes by Steve McClure, member