Association Meeting
July 9, 2013, 3:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman — Director
Don Deckard — Member
Wayne Deckard — Member
Dick Gurley — Treasurer
Gary Helton — Member
Gene Hollingsworth — Director
Mark Hyten — Member
Chuck Leucht — Director
Steve McClure — Member
Michael Mossman — Secretary
Darren Roberts — Member
John Saalwaechter — Vice President
Bill Wagner — Member

The July 2013 Meeting of the Boone County Airport Association was called to order by Vice President John Saalwaechter at approximately 6:00 p.m..

Election Results — President: Chad Williams, 14; Wayne Deckard 1 (write in). Vice President: John Saalwaechter, 15; no write-in. Treasurer: Dick Gurley, 15; no write-in. Secretary: Michael Mossman, 15, no write-in. Director: Earl Brosman, 14; Gene Hollingsworth, 15; Chuck Leucht, 14; Tom Rich, 1 (write-in); Jay Schaumberg, 1 (write-in)

Deliquent Accounts — John Saalwaechter led a discussion about handling the status of a member who is seriously in arrears with hangar rents. Michael Mossman sent a letter requesting that he catch up on rents but as of meeting date no response has been received. Members requested information on how to legally collect the rents or sell the aircraft at auction. Steve McClure recommended hiring legal advice. The group asked Michael Mossman to post the club Bylaws on the operations building and to bring a copy of the rules for handling deliquent members. The group will also consider adding the deliquency policy to the membership application.

Treasurer's Report — Checking $6,395.51; Savings $9,028.91. All bills, including annual insurance premium, are paid in full.

Fuel — 100LL avgas is $5.50 per gallon. There will be a 10% surcharge on fuel, according to Dick Gurley, as the state of Indiana recently replaced the 7% sales tax on aviation fuel with a 10% surcharge. The club has about 3,000 gallons of avgas in the tanks.

June Minutes — Michael Mossman motioned to accept the June 2013 minutes; Dick Gurley seconded. All voted in favor.

Property Maintenance — Steve McClure installed the new windsock system on the maintenance hangar.

Property Maintenance projects — Earl Brosman plans to spray for weeds under airplanes. The club will need to fill the cracks in the runway during the fall, after the temperature drops and the cracks expand. The area around the operations building needs to be cleaned up. The freezer needs to be repaired. Some of the taxiway and alley security lights need repair or replacement. Darren Roberts will make an evaluation of the hangars and present a recommended list of repairs and estimate of materials and labor. The Indiana Department of Transportation previously provided a report on recommended improvements for the airport.

Fly-Ins — Michael Mossman posted a list of regional fly-ins. Earl Brosman is taking his camper to Oshkosh; all club members are invited to stay in his campsite or come for a visit.

Club Promotion — John Saalwaechter asked if the group might be able to find another group (perhaps a church or other club) to do the cooking so that the BCAA could host another flying event. John is still interested in the club having a float or other entry in the Lebanon Fourth of July parade.

Adjournment — Steve McClure motioned to adjourn; Chuck Leucht seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary