Association Meeting
August 13, 2013, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman — Director
Don Deckard — Member
Dick Gurley — Treasurer
Gene Hollingsworth — Director
Chuck Leucht — Director
Steve McClure — Member
Michael Mossman — Secretary
Brian Newton — Member
Dennis Paradise — Member
Dick Patterson — Member
Mark Rinehart — Member
Jay Schaumberg — Member
Bill Wagner — Member
Charles Westerfield — Member
Chad Williams — President

Also Present:
Don Geisler — Airport owner
Jim Kouns — Guest
Pam Leucht — Guest
Eileen McClure — Guest

The August 2013 Meeting of the Boone County Airport Association was called to order by President Chad Williams at approximately 6:05 p.m.

Thanks and Acknowledgements — Chad Williams gave thanks to Chuck and Pam Leucht for cleaning the office prior to the meeting and for cooking the burgers. Chad also introduced Don Geisler, who is the new airport owner.

Dick Dawes — Former member Dick Dawes, who is Roy Dawes father, passed away a week and a half ago. In lieu of flowers the club made a $50 donation to Gevila Hospice.

Donations — Swing Wing Aviation, a crop dusting company operating at the airport this summer donated $1,500 to the club. Tom Rich bought mowing equipment, which was donated to club. The mower is capable of mowing a wide swath, plus it has a tag-along tow mower. Anyone desiring to operate the new equipment can get a short lesson on how to run it.

Fuel Tax — State of Indiana removed state sales tax on aviation fuel, which was replaced with an excise tax of 10 cents per gallon on retail. Chad called Department of Revenue and told them that we merely buy fuel and sell back to ourselves; we will not need to report back to state, which will cut down on our paperwork. We can expect that when we buy our fuel we will be assessed the tax when delivered. We will be ahead even if we have to pay the 10 cents tax because it is cheaper than sales tax.

Airport Certification — INDOT gave the airport its yellow certificate for the year, which is the first time that we got it done on the first inspection.

First Solo — Bill Wagner's first solo in his FliteStar aircraft was on July 25.

Awards — Chuck Leucht won best airplane award at Sheridan fly-in and received a plaque.

Dog Roast — Steve McClure motioned that the club host the annual Dog Roast on September 21 this year, with a rain date of September 28. All voted in favor; none opposed. Chad Williams invited the members to bring their family and friends.

Fly-Ins and Fly-Outs — Michael Mossman posted schedule of area fly-ins put presented a list of local airports with restaurants for after-season fly-outs. Chad Williams mentioned that Greencastle (Putnam County Airport) has all you can eat crab legs Friday nights.

Deliquent Accounts — Letters have been mailed to members who are in arrears in their hangar rents and fuel bills. We have already received the back rent for one of the aircraft. Chad Williams reported that Dan Montgomery claims that Kevin Beach will sell engines from his Cessna 310 then abandon airframe. Hangar will be open at that time.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $14,521.13; savings account balance is $9,029.15. Dick Gurley stated that the savings account balance is about equal to what we have drawn out of fuel system. Bills are paid through July.

Fuel System — We will have fuel inspection system due this year, which will require about $3,000 plus additional work. Chad received a quote this year would add a manhole for easier inspection; the previous property owners did not want a manhole. Chad will talk with Don Geisler about this.

Hangar Occupancy — We have two people on waiting list, with one person wants to see if his 150 will fit. Darren Roberts does not want to keep his hangar and will give it up when the Stinson goes away. The Comanche that is currently in the maintenance hangar will fit in the Stinson hangar. Mark Rinehart needs a place to open the Kolb. Steve McClure will help him find a place.

Maintenance Issues — Bill Wagner's hangar has a problem with a circuit breaker iinthe north hangar continually tripping. Bill does not know if the runway lights go through that box. The runway lights have since been repaired by Earl Brosman and Chad Williams. Chad called FAA to remove NOTAM on lights; the runway is now open at night again. The front fence will be removed; Don Geisler would like to replace it with a similar style fence.

Aircraft for Sale — John Komnick has friend with cancer who has 2001 single-seat T-Bird LSA available for $6,500.

Airport Lease Status — Since the property was sold the club has been given its 90-day notice by the previous property owners. Our lease covers the club through end of October. We have a unique lease structure; the club has maintained the property, pays the bills and complies with all of the regulations to keep the airport open.

Introduction of New Owner — Don Geisler is hoping to leave the operation like it is. Geisler would like to buy a small plane later and would like to become a member. He wants to improve the property and fix it up. Chris Shelby has copy of the lease and will review it before generating a new agreement. Geisler does not want the liability issues, though, but will continue operate the property as an airport. Chad Williams promised to the club that he will not sign a lease until the club meets and discusses the terms and conditions.

Adjournment — Gene Hollingsworth motioned to adjourn; Dennis Paradise seconded. All voted in favor of adjournment; none opposed.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary