Association Meeting
November 12, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Don Deckard
Dick Gurley
Gary Helton
Mark Hyten
Steve McClure
Michael Mossman
Brian Newton
Jay Schaumberg
Dennis Paradise
Dick Patterson
John Saalwaecheter
Charles Westerfield
Chad Williams

Also Present:
Joe Vittetow

The November 2013 Meeting of the Boone County Airport Association was called to order by President Chad Williams at approximately 6:05 p.m.

Transactions — Charles Westerfield is selling his FliteStar to Steve Acton. Jay Schaumberg has another airplane coming in, will fit in hangar where Sierra is if part of Wayne's hangar wall comes down.

Treasurer's Report — Checking $14,306; savings $15,030, includes about $2,500 of those who have paid rent in advance. About $4,000 of bills to pay but have not seen bills yet. Savings will just about cover the fuel loan, less the amount of interest for the loan.

Lease Agreement — Club signed a two-year lease with airport owner. The open-ended clause went away. The net lease is exactly the same as for the previous nine years except for price. We asked for a right of first refusal, which was given. The owner does not plan on selling; would gift the property to his daughter. There was no negotiating room offered on price.

2014 Budget — Dick Gurley is building a budget based on past expense operational history. The budget will be ready by December meeting. No rent discussion until that time. Worst case is $25 per month rent increase but could be less of an increase based on Dick's analysis. Copies of the budget will be made available prior to the meeting

Christmas Party — For the last several years the party was held in January. Chad WIlliams motion for January 11, with a snow date January 18. Michael Mossman seconded. All voted in favor; none opposed. Chad will make arrangements for Green Street in Brownsburg. We will again have a White Elephant gift exchange with a dollar limit of $20.

Fuel Sytem — South fuel tank passed inspection. The inspectors put on a manhole cover at our expense; future inspections will be easier. The inspectors think that it will be good five years from now. Earl Brosman has some extra fuel keys for members.

Fuel Status — The club will need fuel soon. Tom Rich and Chuck Long paid for fuel; Chad would like to make offer to same people. Jay Schaumberg would be willing to be on the list. Dick Gurley says we increased fuel price by 25 cents more than cost to cover interest. We buy 3,000 gallons, 1,500 per tank, per refuel. We get ours with another airport that can't buy a full load. South tank is 100% empty; north tank has some in it. Bottom four inches will not pick up so that it does not draw water.

Water Plumbing to Hangars — In the spring Don Geisler will use a trencher to add water to all hangars next spring. The hangar water system will be frost proofed.

Runway Condition — 80-90% good on cracks. Chad would like for the company that did the old crack filling to come back and give us an estimate on filling remaining cracks.

Snow Removal — The club is responsible for snow removal, owner responsible for equipment. The club will need to remove concrete from dump truck FAA allows us to close the runway in event of snow (with NOTAM). Bill Wagner can help with snow removal.

Potential New Members — Have two new members coming that that will fit in an open hangar but not confirmed yet.

Deliquent Rents — Aztec and Kevin Beach are fairly current. Roy Dawes claims that he sold the airplane and the buyer is responsible for the rent. The club will need contact information on the Aztec owner and membership fee. Mike Jackson has not paid rent on the locked room for several months. Earl Brosman with check with Mike Jackson to see if he will continue to rent the room.

Other Business — The property owner wants to remove utility poles, would give us some tie-down revenue for derelicts. Phil Brown's Comanche will fit in hangar where Cherokee that was sold and may come back.

Corporate Status — As of October 28, 2013 BCAA is re-instated. Michael Mossman to make copies and send note to Chad and Dick as reminider for biannual renewal

Adjournment — Dick Gurley motioned to adjourn; Chad Williams seconded. The meeting was adjourned without vote.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary