Association Meeting
December 10, 2013, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Steve Acton — Member
Earl Brosman — Director
Phil Brown — Member
Bill Dampier — Member
Don Deckard — Member
Dick Gurley — Treasurer
Gary Helton — Member
Gene Hollingsworth — Director
Mark Hyten — Member
Chuck Leucht — Director
Steve McClure — Member
Michael Mossman — Secretary
Brian Newton — Member
Dennis Paradise — Member
Dick Patterson — Member
John Saalwaechter — Vice President
Jay Schaumberg — Members
Bill Wagner — Member
Charles Westerfield — Member
Chad Williams — President

Also Present:
Don Hughes — guest
Steve Wojcik — guest

The December 2013 Meeting of the Boone County Airport Association was called to order by President Chad Williams at approximately 6:05 p.m.

Introductions — Chad Williams introduced new member Bill Dampier and guest Don Hughes, and allowed them a few minutes to talk about themselves.

After Christmas Party — The Chrismas party is confirmed for Saturday, January 11 at Green Street restaurant in Brownsburg, back room. We will be able to order from the full menu. Michael Mossman will send out invitations in early January. No formal RSVPs are necessary but we would like an approximate head count. We will again have a White Elephant gift exchange for those who want to participate. Price limit is $20.

Airport Equipment — The snow plow truck has been moved around the property this week. The recommendation is that the club rearrange the mowing equipment in the shed so that the truck can go in the shed through the north end, where it won't have to drive across mud. The truck is working, it runs and the blade works properly. Chad will contact the property owner to get the concrete currently stored in the dump body removed.

Potential New Member— Chad Williams has been talking to a potential member from the Fort Wayne area who has a Cessna 150 and wants to keep it here for girlfriend to finish her pilot's license.

Transactions — Bill Wagner bought a new ultralight aircraft and will bring to the field when after the manufacturer is finished building it. Wayne Deckard sold his Cessna 175. Charles Westerfield sold his FliteStar aircraft to new member Steve Acton.

Donations — John Saalwaechter has a propane-fired engine preheater that will be available for member's use. it uses small throw-away propane tanks but can also use a large 20-pound propane tank. The fan runs on DC current. Chad Williams has a marine deep cycle battery that can be used for the fan and will work with Chuck Leucht to come up with a cart for the system.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $8,178.52; savings account balance is $7,031.56. We have paid for paid for the recent fuel load but our account balance does not include this month's rent payment, which is due. The club had a large influx of cash in past month; most hangar rents and fuel bills are caught up.

Fuel Report — The club received new load of fuel; the price is now $4.65 per gallon, down from the previous $5.20.

Animal Control — Earl Brosman has more mouse traps out at the ends of the hangars. He will order more mouse poison. If anyone is having trouble with mice they should check with Earl for more traps.

Mowing — The club will be looking for volunteers to mow the property in 2014. With the new Dixie Chopper mower and tag-along side mower it takes about four hours to mow. Volunteers willing to take on the job could qualify for a $75 monthly credit on their rent. Applicants should contact Chad Williams or Dick Gurley for details.

Candy Concessions — Since the candy machine changer cannot be set for higher than 50 cents, we are losing money on everything sold in the candy machine. For all future sales the candy machine will be loaded with every other row empty so that it will take one dollar total to get some candy or chips.

Budget — Dick Gurley presented the preliminary budget numbers, which were derived from one year's history with Quicken bookkeeping program. The club's current cash holdings are approximately $18,000. Dick would like for the club to keep about six months' working capital on hand, which would be about $20,000. The club discussed the value and amount of working capital to be held on hand with no vote taken. John Saalwaechter motioned that the club increase monthly rents by $10; no one seconded the motion. Earl Brosman presented an alternative budget proposal and recommended that the club lower rents by $5. Brosman also offered a business plan where the club could raise rents by $20 per month and buy an airplane, or with no rent increase the club could buy a certified flight simulator training device. No action was taken on the business plan but Brosman offered to present copies for future consideration. Earl Brosman motioned to leave rents at their current level; John Saalwaechter seconded. During debate on the seconded motion Brian Newton commented that he believed the club was too close on cash reserves and would prefer a $5 rent increase. Chad Williams called for a vote on the motion. 13 voted for the motion; the votes against were not formally counted. With a majority voting for the motion, the motion was declared passed. Brian Newton requested that the club be given quarterly updates on the status of the budget; Mark Hyten would like to see all future expenditures allocated to specific budgeted lines.

Adjournment — Dick Gurley motioned to adjourn; Steve McClure seconded. The meeting was adjourned without vote.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary