Association Meeting
February 11, 2014, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Don Deckard, member
Dick Gurley, treasurer
Gary Helton, member
Gene Hollingsworth, director
Brian Newton, member
John Saalwaechter, vice president
Bill Wagner, member
Charles Westerfield, member
Chad Williams, president

• Food for future meetings was discussed. Thanks to Doc for the fried chicken this month. Mike Mossman will put up a signup sheet for the next 12 months for members to volunteer to bring food

• Chad talked to the new owner (Don) who would like for us to make a prioritized list of wants and needs of 2014 improvement ideas. Mike Mossman will put a plan sheet for the needs and another one for the wants in the clubhouse so that the members can note their ideas. We will then discuss and prioritize them at the next meeting.

• The snow piles became high and planes could not get out of the hangers. As a result, a front end loader was rented. Chad Williams and several other volunteers moved the snow away from the hangers and taxiways so that flying could resume.

• The Association needs two volunteers, one to coordinate the mowing and another for snow plowing. The Association owns the equipment to both remove snow and mow. These volunteers will be the go to people responsible to assure that the needed grounds maintenance is accomplished. If you would like to volunteer, please call Chad.

• It is expected that a list of members will be generated to be responsible for the week mowing during the summer. This will spread the workload around. The person responsible for the week will either mow or trade with someone else who will do the mowing. This subject will be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.

• The snow plow is currently broken. We discussed asking Roy Dawes fix the truck at the rate of $40 per hour.

• Many thanks to Steve McClure for fixing the furnace by changing an igniter on a momentıs notice. This is the second igniter that has failed this year. We will order another igniter to keep on hand in case we have another failure.

• Our propane is currently at 40% full. We will probably not need more until the summer. At that time, we will shop for the best deal in propane.

• The lock on the clubhouse door froze. If anyone needs to know where the key to the door is located, please call Chad Williams.

• Charles Long has donated a computer to the club. After it is completely set up, this computer will be used to check weather and for other aviation activities.

• There is currently $7,741 in the checking account and $7,030 in two savings accounts (general and fuel). Of the amount in the savings accounts, $1,160 is designated for fuel replacement.

• Due to a number of people prepaying hangar rent, the association is currently $1,000 ahead of budget. In addition, the club is $245 favorable to the expense budget. With the expenses anticipated to be incurred during February and March, this surplus is expected to greatly diminish. Details on the January 2014 financial results and fuel due are on the board in the clubhouse.

• A furnace in the maintenance hangar is desirable. If anyone has an older furnace that they are willing to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. The propane gas plumbing and meter is already in place.

• If anyone has a table and chairs that they are willing to donate, we would replace our old table.

• If anyone knows the location of the engine preheater that was provided by Doc Saalwaechter would you please notify Chad Williams. Currently it is missing.

• Gene Hollingsworth moved for meeting adjournment and Charles Westerfield seconded.

Minutes by Dick Gurley, BCAA Treasurer