Association Meeting
July 14, 2014, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Steve Acton
Earl Brosman
Don Deckard
Dick Gurley
Gary Helton
Kevin Hoffer
Gene Hollingsworth
Steve McClure
Michael Mossman
Dick Patterson
John Saalwaechter
Chad Williams

Also Present:

Club President Chad Williams brought the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Fuel System Report — The north fuel pump doesn't work reliably; Chad Williams has been moving fuel from the north to south tanks. There is some water in the north tank. We will pump the water out of the north tank. Be sure the sump your aircraft's fuel tanks!

Hangar Seniority Rule Change — John Saalwaechter motioned that the hangar seniority status will be based on when the owner takes ownership of the second aircraft. Steve McClure seconded. All voting were in favor of the motion, none opposed.

Oshkosh Planning — Earl Brosman has his camper at Oshkosh, with a spot in a corner on the front row. The spot is on a dead-end road so there will be room for tents, etc. John Komnick and his brother Ben will be joining the group with a fold-out camper. Earl will be flying his Ercoupe to Sheboygan for the mass Ercoupe fly-in. 85 Ercoupes are already registered to fly in. Everyone in the club is invited to camp with the group. Bring ice, food and beer plus sleeping accessories. You might want to bring a tent. Earl's car will be available for errands. Kristen Henke will be joining the group from Tuesday through Friday. Chad Williams is planning on flying; if anyone wants to fly and has not done it before they should contact Chad for assistance. The Oshkosh NOTAM is well written.

Annual Fall Dog Roast Planning — The club will firm up the date at the August meeting. Lebanon's Back To The 50's weekend is on the 19th of September.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account $3,888.98, general savings $9,031.94, fuel savings $7,621.98. Hangar rent collections are currently $3,500 under budget, while expenses are $500 under budget. A few members are in arrears on their hangar rents.

Litigation Report — Chad Williams received an email from the attorney handling the litigation against Kevin Beach's aircraft. There were two liens on the aircraft. We are up to $1,800 in expenses but we will soon be able to legally take action on the airframe. We will need to check with Jay Schaumberg to see when we will be able to take action on the Aztec.

Runway Report — The airport inspections was last week; Steve McClure signed for the report. Two specific notes, the inspector was unable to verify the lighting system worked; the club will need to provide a notarized statement that they work. The second point of concern was that the runway must maintain a 150-foot safety zone (cracked and loose material). Chad will check after the meeting and determine our course of repairs. The club may need a volunteer session to repair the runway. There were no issues with the lack of a fence. The reported issues must be cured within 30 days of the receipt, which was July 10, 2015.

Fuel Financing Rule Change — Dick Gurley motioned that the club pay the interest on the loan for fuel semi-annually or before, if refilled before six months. The interest rate is 5.0% per annum. Michael Mossman seconded the motion. All voting were in favor, none opposed.

Club Election Results — Chad Williams, president, 15; John Saalwaechter, vice president, 15; Dick Gurley, treasurer, 15; Michael Mossman, secretary, 15; Earl Brosman, director, 15; Chuck Leucht, director, 15; Ray Rice, director, 15. There were no opposition candidates and no write-in ballots.

New Hangar Report — No updates are available on the new hangar. All electrical work is completed but they can't pour the concrete floor until the ground is dry.

Aircraft For Sale — Gary Rogers is selling his Cessna 150 on Barnstormers for $18,500. It has a low-time engine and airframe, with 400 hours since major overhaul by Harrison.

Adjournment — Steve McClure motioned to adjourn the meeting; Gene Hollingsworth seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary