Association Meeting
October 13, 2015, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman
Don Deckard
Dick Gurley
Kevin Hoffer
Gene Hollingsworth
Michael Mossman
Dennis Paradise
Dick Patterson
John Saalwaechter
Jay Schaumberg
Chad Williams

Guests in attendance:

Club President Chad Williams brought the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.

Safety Program — Earl Brosman presented a short video on gyrocopter safety.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $5,657.83; general savings account balance is $3,932.10, fuel account is $2,049.40. The club prepaid for propane. The insurance premium for the year was paid last month, wtih the rate the same as the year before. Expenses are on mark for the budget, however, hangar rent is about $4,500 under budget. The club has picked up several new members and we have had some donations, with the result that cash is about $3,200 behind last year.

Fuel Report — The club just bought a load of aviation fuel; we were able to share a load with two other airports so we were able to divide the freight cost by three. The price to members is $3.65 per gallon. The autogas fuel tank is empty; we may have a leak. The valve might have been left on. The auto fuel supplier will bring a new ground-mount tank with spill containment at no charge. The equipment will have a 20-foot hose, which is longer than the current hose, and it will have an electric fuel pump.

Fuel Stolen — Dick Patterson reported that someone stole a half-tank of fuel from his aircraft. Members are advised to keep an close watch on the property and look for any suspicious persons on the grounds.

Other Club Equipment — The waste oil tank has been relocated beside the auto fuel tank.

Club Rule Change Proposal — Via teleconferencing Adam Coker motioned that the club changes the rules, requiring a percentage surcharge to all members that are not volunteering a specified number of hours per month. After floor discussion the motion was not seconded so no vote was taken.

Club Rent Change Proposal — Via teleconferencing Adam Coker motioned that the club reduce the rents charged for aircraft stored outside to $25 per month, with the rent rate applied retroactively to when the aircraft was stored on outside on the field. An additional provision of the motion was that any money spent on fuel would be applied towards reducing hangar rent. During floor discussion Adam amended the motion to remove the clause about fuel. After floor discussion the motion was not seconded so no vote was taken.

Outside storage — Chad Williams reminded the club that outside storage is permitted only if an aircraft will not fit in a hangar. If the aircraft will fit in a hangar (even if none is available), then outside storage is not permitted. All aircraft owners are required to provide their own tie-down ropes, regardless of whether the aircraft if stored indoors or outside.

Hangar Availability — The club has had some members depart, so a few hangars will be available. The club will post a list of available hangars in the event that a current member in good standing wishes to move their aircraft.

Young Eagles — A boy scout troop came out in September for Young Eagles rides, and camped overnight on the field. The troop sent a "thank You" letter to the club and would like to come back next year.

Dog Roast Report — The Dog Roast was well attended, and when the winds died down it was possible to do some flying and have a bonfire. Thanks to all that came, brought covered dishes, and volunteered their time to make a great event.

Christmas Party Planning — The annual Christmas party has traditionally been held on the third Saturday in January. Club members are asked to put it on their calendar and come up with ideas for the 2016 location.

New Hangar Report — The new hangar is essentially finished and is awaiting asphalt on the south side. Members desiring to rent in the new hangar building are advised to contact Don Geisler for rent pricing, availability and requirements.

Fly-Out Destinations — Michael Mossman reported that the restaurant at Putnam County (Greencastle) airport is closed, but Eagle Creek Airport is no longer charging a parking fee to visit Rick's Cafe Boatyard. Other nearby airport restaurants at Columbus and Muncie are still open.

Adjournment — Jay Schaumberg motioned to adjourn the meeting; Gene Hollingsworth seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary