Association Meeting
February 9, 2016, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Dick Gurley, treasurer
Gene Hollingsworth, member
Steve McClure, member
Michael Mossman, secretary
Dennis Paradise, member
Ray Rice, director
Mark Rinehart, member
Jay Schaumberg, members
Chad Williams, president

Also Present:

Club President Chad Williams brought the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Lease Status — Chad Williams reported that there is no update on the lease. The property owner still wants to do business with the club. He is enjoying the ownership; we are technically operating without a lease but there is no cause for concern. The property owner is interested in signing a deal with the State of Indiana to dedicate the property as an airport for long-term use.

Rent Increase Status — At the December 2015 meeting the membership voted on a $10-monthly rent increase across-the-board for all spaces, contingent upon the club signing a lease for two years or more. Since we do not yet have a lease all rents are as before. Any rent increase would be effective upon signing a lease.

Cessna 310 Update — Dick Gurley wrote to the Boone County Sheriff for an update on the 310. The sheriff department did not reply back; the word is that they are trying to determine a value for it before it goes onto the auction block. The sheriff's office does not want any assistance from the club or club members because we have a vested interest in the aircraft.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $4,250.43; general savings account balance is $10,932.25; and fuel savings account balance is $3,821.12. The general savings account balance appears to be high, but since it is early in the year we are holding payments from several members who tend to pay a year in advance. Dick Gurley is holding the rents from the new hangar in escrow until we get a lease. Over the previous year our revenue was $3,800 under the previous year, which is actually a little better than expected. Dick has also found away to reduce the info needed for our tax filing, which will reduce the accountant's bill a bit. All bills to date are paid.

Club FaceBook Site — Earl Brosman and Chad Williams set up a club FaceBook site. It will be a location to place notices for work sessions, hangar availability, etc.

Club Website Calendar — The club would like to have an on-line signup page on the club website for scheduling the maintenance hangar. Jay Schaumberg recommended that the club utilize a Google calendar. Anyone with experience setting up a Google calendar is requested to contact Michael Mossman to get it started.

Spring Cleanup Date — Chad Williams proposed that the club set Saturday, April 23 as the spring clean-up day. Along with general airport cleanup new projects could include (but are not limited to) re-painting the runway center line, burying a permanent underground water line to the hangars, building a fence across the front of the property, repairing the wind sock lights. The wind sock lights are burnt out, and are tough to change in bad weather. Chad would like to convert the wind sock lighting to LED, which would be more durable. He also recommended that we replace the 18-inch sock, which costs about $40. Michael Mossman will post a sign-up list and send out a general email notice to members.

Holiday Party Wrap-Up — The club had a nice time at the after-Holidays Holiday Party in January. The restaurant had a nice buffet and the members present had a good time.

Club Equipment Report — Chad Williams reported that the wind gauge on the club's weather website is reporting too low. The bearings in the sensor are worn out and will be replaced soon.

Electrical Panel Access — Mark Rinehart reports that he is installing a new deadbolt on the tool room in his hangar. Since the electrical panel for his building and the maintenance hangar building is in his room he will make a key available to tenants of these buildings.

New Hangar Status — All spaces in the new hangar building are now filled.

Adjournment — Gene Hollingsworth motioned to adjourn the meeting; Steve McClure seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary Minutes by Michael Mossman, BCAA Secretary