Association Meeting
March 8, 2016, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman, director
Dick Gurley, treasurer
Kevin Hoffer, member
Gene Hollingsworth, member
Chuck Leucht, director
Steve McClure, member
Michael Mossman, secretary
Mark Poliak, member
John Saalwaechter, vice president
Chad Williams, president

Guests in attendance:

Club President Chad Williams brought the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.

Boone County Airport in the news — WISH-TV News 8 will start showing the Boone County Airport Association's weather camera on the news.

Indiana 2016 Aeronautical Charts Available — INDOT left a bundle of Indiana Aeronautical Charts in the operations building. They are free for BCAA members.

Club Equipment Repairs — The wind sock on the maintenance buildiing has new LED lighting and a new electric eye. The weather station anemometer has been wired and is working.

Club Equipment Status — The dump truck only needed to make a couple passes down the runway this year for snow removal. No repairs or expenses anticipated. John Saalwaechter bought a new flag. Kevin Hoffer will take the old flag to the VFW for proper disposal. The heater in the maintenance hangar is working well.

2016 Property Lease Status — The property owner has had a meeting with his attorney concerning the proposed revisions for the lease. The new lease will encompass more property as the new hangar building goes beyond the old airport property lines.

Spring Clean-Up — The annual airport Spring Clean-Up is set for Saturday, April 23. The property owner will bring some equipment to break up the deteriorating asphalt around the fuel pumps; the club will need to supply a dumpster. The property owner will be ready to build a new fence soon. Tom Rich has a post hole digger and will bring it for building the fence. Michael Mossman will post a list of clean-up items and projects in the operations building.

Spring Clean-up Projects:

  • Remove asphalt, build fence
  • Walk down runway and check that lights are at the correct height above the ground
  • Paint markings on runway
  • Cold patch asphalt between hangars
  • Blow or sweep rocks and gravel from runway and ramp
  • Clean maintenance hangar
  • Check motion-sensing lights on hangars (replace with LED if not working)
  • Repair missing runway light (will require new underground wire)
  • Check for loose screws on the circuit breaker panels.
Aircraft Registration Reminder — All aircraft will need to be re-registered every three years. The FAA sends out notices when a registration is due but members are advised to check the FAA website in case they miss their notice. The registration costs only $5 and is easily done on line. The aircraft owner needs to keep the paperwork until the new registration comes by mail. One nice part about the re-registration is that if you do it early you aren't penalized; your registration is extended from the expiration date, not the renewal date.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $3,378.71; general savings account balance is $10,932.42; fuel savings account balance is $3,857.65. Dick Gurley mentioned that the general savings balance appears high because the rents for the new hangar are being held in escrow until the new property lease is signed. All bills to date are paid and the tax returns are completed. The electric bill is up $117 over last year; reasons unknown, especially since the winter weather has been much milder. Dick added that members have been good about paying their fuel bills on time.

Ag Operations — Due to the asphalt in front of the new hangar and the deteriorating conditions of the asphalt on the rest of the airport property, the owner has asked that discontinue any agricultural operations this year. While the airport is public access for aircraft, the property owner has the right to limit or ban any equipment that the airport facilities can not support. Michael Mossman to write a notification letter and send to the most recent ag operations company.

Fuel Report — The club will need to ask the operators of the fuel trucks to bring a long hose and fill the fuel tanks from the street, so they are not doing any further damage to the asphalt. The club will need to buy some more auto fuel. The auto fuel provider will bring a new tank at their costs. Their insurance company will not allow them to climb a ladder to fill our tank. They will also provide an electric pump; the club will need to run wiring. Our old flow meter will work with the new fuel tank.

Grass Runway — We are approaching the time when we should roll the grass runway. Earl Brosman will leave his four-wheel drive car to tow the roller. The roller is filled and just needs the bearings greased. Operators are requested to put the car in four-wheel drive and tow the roller in second gear. The runway needs to be a little soft but dried out.

Adjournment — Steve McClure motioned to adjourn the meeting; Gene Hollingsworth seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary