Association Meeting
March 14, 2017, 6:00 p.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Meeting minutes:

Convened at 6 pm with Gary Lane, Don Deckard, Ray Rice, Chad Williams, Dick Patterson, Dick Gurley, Earl Brosman, and Jay Schaumberg in attendance.

Introduced Gary Lane, a new member who will occupy hanger 16.

Christmas Party last month was a big success and fun was had by all.

Steve McClure probed the ground around the North fuel tank and was unsuccessful in finding it. Earl Brosman offered to organize a party to dig around the tank to find it. The method of fixing the tank is still TBD but consideration will be given to moving the pump closer to the apron.

Ray had had discussions with the Mayor and his office. They are interested in helping the airport improve. They desire to improve the airport facilities and runway. The method and timing by which this will be accomplished is TBD.

Earl will look at the spring that is not allowing the grounding wire to retract.

Steve and Don will be doing the mowing this year. Don will mow the grass runway.

The wind sock was blown off of the maintenance hangar roof during the last storm. Chad and Steve McClure will repair once the needed parts have been procured.

Earl will be responsible for a campaign to eliminate mice from the airport. Chad Williams made a motion and Dick Gurley seconded a motion to allow Earl to procure up to $250.00 in supplies.

Ray is continuing to discuss the formation of a Not for Profit corporation that will allow for student pilot scholarships. A committee will be formed to establish the criteria for student selection.

Thanks was given to Earl for installing a new thermostat.

Chad Williams and Earl Brosman will look into using Facebook and other social media for advertising. We agreed to brand BCAA as a fellowship of aviation enthusiasts who are committed to safe, affordable and fun flying.

Treasurer's report — as of February 28, checking - $5,804.97, savings - $9,529.21, fuel savings $4,540.46. The positive cash position is due to a number of members paying annually. Performance to budget, fuel owed, and hanger payment status sheets have been posted on the bulletin board.

Earl Brosman reported that some stone will be placed in front of his hanger. Excess stone will be placed in a pile for other requirements.

There is an issue with a loose hanger roof on one of the T hangers. Ray will discuss this with Don.

Dick Gurley will call to have the mogas tank filled.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, April 8, at 9 am in the BCAA clubhouse.

Chad Williams moved and Dick Gurley seconded that the meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm

Minutes by Dick Gurley, BCAA Treasurer