Association Meeting
April 8, 2017, 9:00 a.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman, director
Wayne Deckard, member
Dick Gurley, treasurer
Kevin Hoffer, member
Gary Hunter, member
Mark Hyten, member
Chuck Leucht, director
Chuck Long, member
Steve McClure, member
Gary Lane, member
Michael Mossman, secretary
Ray Rice, president
Mark Rinehart, member
Jay Schaumberg, member
Bill Wagner, member

Also Present:
William Rice, guest

Club President Ray Rice brought the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

Thanks — Ray Rice offered the club's thanks for Steve McClure for rescuing the wind sock, which broke loose from the maintenance hangar. The wind broke the the connector box and bearing, but it can be repaired and will go back up. Ray also thanked Steve for building the wind tee. Ray thanked Michael Mossman for the details on the minutes for the past years. Jay Schaumberg thanked Ray Rice for what has been accomplished to date, commenting that he has invested a great deal of time in the club.

Spring Clean-Up — Scheduled for April 22. Ray Rice thinks that it will take less time than last year. We got a lot accomplished over the past year. Planned projects for clean-up day:

  • Build fence
  • Walk down runway and check that lights are at the correct height above the ground
  • Paint markings on runway
  • Cold patch asphalt between hangars
  • Blow or sweep rocks and gravel from runway and ramp
  • Clean maintenance hangar
  • Check motion-sensing lights on hangars (replace with LED if not working)
  • Repair missing runway light (will require new underground wire)
  • Check for loose screws on the circuit breaker panels.
  • Spray weeds
  • Clean junk from unoccupied hangars
Boone County Solid Waste District is hosting its annual solid waste day on April 22. This will be an opportunity for members to get rid of junk in their hangars. It's free for Boone County residents, so if a member is not a county resident they should pair up with a county resident.

Airport Volunteer Requirements — Ray Rice led a discussion about whether or not the club should require members to volunteer some time on a regular basis. After discussion the policy will continue with no mandatory hours required. Ray Rice drafted Chuck Leucht as job boss to give members direction during the clean-up.

Airport Equipment — The rotating beacon needs to come on earlier in the evening and remain available until later morning. Earl Brosman will experiment with partially covering the sensor.

Club Assets — The plow truck is currently inoperable because it does not have brakes. We did not use it once this winter because of lack of snow, however, Don Geisler volunteered to plow snow with a tractor but the club will need a snow removal solution for next year. Steve McClure has been rolling the grass runway with the Ford tractor, however, when Earl Brosman rolls the field he has been using his car. Ray Rice would like for the club to look into selling some of the unused assets and converting them into equipment that will suit our needs.

Cessna 310 Status — The Cessna 310 case is still stuck at the sheriff's department. The sheriff has the title but can't sell the airplane until they know the value, and the department hasn't taken any action on assessing the value. Most aircraft salvage yards are reporting the value as strictly scrap metal; there are too many of these aircraft unused so they are not worth hauling away for parts. Ray Rice will contact the mayor's office to see if anything can be done to get the sheriff to move on this case.

Back Rents and Accounts Receivables — Dick Gurley posted a list on the bulletin board of the back rents and fuel payments due by members, as of the first of April. Dick motioned that the club budget $2,000 to take action on Gary Rogers for past due rent. He has been in arrears since March of 2016. Dick would like for the club to send a letter stating that we are going to move the airplane to another hangar, Dick Gurley then motioned that the club file suit on the Cherokee, budgeting $500 for a letter and assessment, with the letter stated what our intentions are if he doesn't respond. If not paid in full by next moth we will contact a lawyer to file suit. Michael Mossman to send the letter. Jay Schaumberg seconded the motion for next month. Rogers will also be responsible for attorneys fees and any other costs of the suit. With a voice vote all voted to approve the motion, none opposed. Motion passed. Wayne Deckard recommended putting a prop lock on the aircraft. April's total arrears on fuel are lower than in March.

Piper Aztec — The owner of the Piper Aztec is seriously in arrears on rent. Although the aircraft is no longer airworthy, there is a lot of value in the engines. Dick Gurley contacted the lawyers who filed the suit on the Cessna 310; they are interested in the work but have taken no action on this case. Dick would like to try to find a different lawyer. Earl Brosman recommended that the club wait on taking action and hold a discussion next month on the club's course of action.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account $5,426.12, general savings $9,529.41, fuel account $5,374.85. Dick Gurley reports that the budget looks good; with the electric bill goiing way down over the past month.

Fuel Report — The club bought a tank of auto fuel for the mowers; the cost was $2.88 per gallon. Since there are expenses on maintaining fuel, the cost to members will be $3.00 per gallon. The club did not sell a lot of avgas last month, perhaps 200 gallons. One of the in-ground fuel tanks needs some work to reconnect the probe. The property owner would like to remove the in-ground tank and going with an above-ground tank. Due to cost a tank replacement is not likely to happen in the near future.

Electronic Payments — Dick Gurley did some research on implementing an electronic payments system. The costs would be 2-3 percent of each transaction plus start-up fees. For members who like to pay by electronic check they could be able set up direct deposit/transer. Dick still likes paper checks better because he can track intent. With electronic checks the amount gets credited to a member, with no notes on whether or not for rent, fuel, or other purposes. The club would still like to get a credit card machine on the gas pump, but the price of gas would have to go up to account for the cost of fees and transactions.

Club Marketing — Chad Williams would like to do some social media marketing to try to bring new members to the club. Earl Brosman has the password for the FaceBook page. The website needs some updating. Ray Rice will send Michael Mossman a list of what needs to be done. Ray Rice has spoken with some state senators who are interested in getting the airport into the federal system, which would qualify the field for federal funds. The Lebanon mayor continues to be interested. Ray has set up a meeting with the economic director of Boone County.

Mouse Control — Earl Brosman has more new mouse traps available. Members are asked to contact Earl if they need mice control in their hangars.

Aviation Events — Michael Mossman provided a list of aviation events within a short flight away. Michael will send email notice of events. Westfield Airport is hosting a fly-in breakfast on Saturday, April 15. Ray Rice recommended that club members meet at 8:30 and fly out at 9:00 in formation.

Dog Roast — Bill Wagner asked that the club move the annual Dog Roast to October this year because September was so warm. No action was taking on this request as the club will discuss it at a later date.

Adjournment — The meeting was adjourned at about 10:00 a.m.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary