Association Meeting
June 10, 2017, 9:00 a.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman, director
Dick Gurley, treasurer
Kevin Hoffer, member
Chuck Leucht, director
Steve McClure, member
Michael Mossman, secretary
Ray Rice, president
Mark Rinehart, member

Also Present:
Larry Poe, guest
Chris Barrell, guest
Jonathan (from Congo) guest

Club president Ray Rice opened the meeting at 9:02 a.m.

Announcements and Thanks — Ray Rice offered the clubs thanks for the following volunteer actions and contributions:

  • Steve McClure for diagnosing a problem on the mower, Earl Brosman for ordering the parts, and Steve for fixing it;
  • Don Geisler for coordinating the roof repairs on hangar building five and paying for the materials;
  • Don Geisler and Steve McClure for the concrete removal and fuel farm repair;
  • Steve McClure for getting the dumpster ordered;
  • Ray Rice for the researching and ordering the anodes for the fuel system;
  • Earl Brosman for hauling away the trailer loaded with trash;
  • Thanks to the unknown person(s) cleaned the operations building, including the toilets;
  • Roy Dawes for recharging the air conditioner;
  • Jay and Tina Schaumberg for bringing flowers to the clubhouse.
Old Business — Ray Rice offered brief updates on the following old business items:
  • Fuel Farm — The club spend about $550 on anodes and will need another $500 for a giant "sucking machine", then $500 more to refill. Members are reminded to record the large numbers on the pump when buying fuel. The meter on the end of the hose is for estimating only.
  • Membership and Hangar Interest — The club currently has 10 open hangars. The warbird's applicant says that it will not fit in any of the hangars on the property
  • Social Media Campaign — Ray Rice has a new employee with extensive social media experience, who will provide these services for the club.
  • Rogers' aircraft backrent — Paid in full; we did not need any legal action.
Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $4,912.87, general savings balance is $9,530.21, fuel account is $7,239.55. The taxes have been filed. Dick Gurley reports that the club is right on budget.

New Business:

  • Chuck and Pam Leucht bought drinks and supplies for the operations building. Since the vending machine is gone they will not be buying snacks any more.
  • Stephens' Aztec status — The attorney has taken no action on this aircraft. Dick Gurley motioned to budget more money towards a suit; Chuck Leucht seconded. All but one voted in favor, but after further debate the action was tabled.
  • Training program — No changes since last month, but the operation will be a separate not-for-profit flght school, set up by an attorney. The club has some prospective candidates for the board but no selection has been made at this time. No CFI candidates have been identified; the club members are asked to start looking for someone.
Events for the summer — Michael Mossman will continue to update the website with lists of regional flying events. Chuck Leucht volunteered to be the club events coordinator. Due to the heat in September the club voted to move the annual Dog Roast to early October. The date will be announced at a later meeting. Indy Exec Airports has monthly fly-outs. Members are invited to participate.

Club Elections — The annual election of club offiers and directors will occur at the July 8, 2017, meeting. Michael Mossman will mail out ballots a couple weeks before the meeting. Nominations are for the following positions:

  • President — Ray Rice
  • Vice President — John Saalwaechter
  • Treasurer — Dick Gurley
  • Secretary — Michael Mossman
  • Director — Earl Brosman
  • Director — Chuck Leucht
  • Director — Jay Schaumberg
Next Meeting — The next meeting will be on Saturday, July 8, 2017, at 9 a.m. in the Operations Building at Boone County Airport.

Adjournment — The meeting was adjourned based on a motion from Steve McClure and seconded by all attending.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary