Association Meeting
September 9, 2017, 9:00 a.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman, director
Don Geisler, member
Kevin Hoffer, member
Chuck Long, member
Steve McClure, member
Michael Mossman, secretary
Dick Patterson, member
Ray Rice, president
Mark Rinehart, member

Also Present:
Bob Taylor, Superintendent, Lebanon Community Schools Corporation, guest

BCAA President Ray Rice brought the meeting to order at 9:12 a.m.

August Minutes — Members were presented with copies of the August 12, 2017, meeting. Ray Rice motioned to approve the minutes; Chuck Long seconded; all voted in favor.

Fuel Report — The club ran out of fuel on Friday, September 8. More fuel is on order, but since the club can only receive about a quarter load it will take longer to get a shipment (a full truck load is 8,400 gallons). The tank needs to be "stuck," as we can ony fill it to 90% of capacity. Earl Brosman reports that the tank has five inches in it.

Fuel System Report — The north tank is out of the ground; it floated out when we attempted to replace the anodes. The club is working with IDEM to fill the hole and get permits to remove the tank from the property. We are not expecting to pay any fines. Don Geisler wants to buy an above-ground tank. The Department of Homeland Security needs to approve the location of an above-ground tank. Ray Rice moved to contribute $500 to the above-ground tank; Steve McClure seconded. All voted in favor.

Mowing Report — Don Geisler has been doing some of the mowing; Steve McClure will not be mowing next year. The club will need a strategy for the future, and is looking for a proposal for mowing before next spring.

Flight Instruction Scholarship — Bob Taylor recommended that community service be part of the flight instruction scholarship, and suggested that perhaps mowing with supervision might show some ownership in the scholarship. An email was sent out inviting members to participate in the scholarship committee. Chuck Long also added that Young Eagles participants can get free ground school instruction from the EAA. The school has liability insurance for interns but the club should still check with our agency on our liability coverage.

Treasurer's Report — No treasurer's report for the September meeting; we will have an updated report at the October meeting. Ray Rice reports that the club has enough money for a load of fuel and interest on the fuel loan, debt service and paying bills.

Enclosed Hangar Report — The club has had some takers on putting doors on the open air hangars. Cost is still unknown but estimated to be about $900 to $1,500 per hangar. The tenant will pay for the cost of the door up front then will get their hangar rental rate locked in for three to five years. Earl Brosman will build one door as a template and expects to have all of the parts in about one week. Jay Holloman is interested in building the final doors; the main cost will be labor. The program will be a turnkey solution for the tenants; all doors will be the same, all will be painted the same, no variance will be allowed. The project is not expected to cost the club any money and is projected to be completed in about six weeks. We are expecting some feedback on the project at the October meeting. Mark Rinehart recommended that the club check the rails, which may be cracked or rusted and need replacement.

New Hangar Prospect — Ray Rice reports that the owner of a warbird would like to bring his aircraft to Boone County Airport. The warbird is too large to fit into any of the existing hangars. He has located a quonset-style hangar that he would like to erect on the field. Don Geisler is willing to allow it but nothing has been set. The club would need to see some revenue from the hangar. Rice will work on the details with Geisler

Fly-In Report — Ray Rice presented Michael Mossman's report/assessment of the August fly-in. Ray offered the club's special thanks to Chuck and Pam Leucht for coordinating the food. The club acquired six names of people who are interested in taking flying lessons and partnering on an airplane. The club also sent out letters to all pilots who flew in thanking them for their attendance and asking if anyone was interested in the field to contact us.

New Member — New member Matt Kriech has his student pilot certificate and has located an instructor. Matt bought a Cessna 150 with a partner and will be bringing it to the field. Since we have had several people ask about partnerships, we will be asking Jay Schaumberg for a model on building a partnership.

Dog Roast Planning — Earl Brosman motioned to host the annual Dog Roast on Saturday, October 14; Kevin Hoffer seconded; all voted in favor. The October meeting will be held at 5 p.m. during the Dog Roast, with a projected business meeting lasting about 15 minutes.

Popsicles And Planes — The first Popsicles And Planes event will immediately follow the September meeting, from about 10:30 to noon. Members are asked to display their aircraft to the public and answer any questions. The club will not be offering flights to the public during the event.

Maintenance Hangar Report — Don Geisler asked why the the club does not to rent out the maintenance hangar to a permament tenant. The club held a discussion on the merits of keeping the hangar open versus renting to a tenant. We will be looking for a report from Dick Gurley to see what the usage has been.

Property Repairs and Improvement — Earl Brosman will change the deadbolt on the store room. The club needs a sign at the entrance stating that members only are allowed from the position of the sign.

Adjournment — The meeting was informally adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary