Association Meeting
November 11, 2017, 9:00 a.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman, director
Dick Gurley, treasurer
Kevin Hoffer, member
Matt Kriech, member
Chuck Leucht, director
Michael Mossman, secretary
Mark Rinehart, member
John Saalwaechter, vice president
Jay Schaumberg, director

Also Present:
Pam Leucht, guest
Mitch Mitchell, guest

Club vice president John Saalwaechter brought the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Reading of the Minutes — John Saalwaechter waived a reading of the October 2017 meeting minutes, which were informally accepted.

Fuel System Report — A crew from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management cut a hole in the old underground fuel tank, rendering it unusable. The state is inspecting the tank; we are waiting on the numbers to come back but are expecting that everything will comes back OK. Don Geisler has committed to an in-ground tank, which will be installed after the old tank situation has been cleared.

Flight Scholarship Report — The committee is working on insurance for the flight scholarship program. The insurance should be confirmed within a week, There is a lot of interest in club members renting the flight instruction Cherokee. No decision has been made on its availability or whether or not it's rental will be run through BCAA or a separate LLC. Interested persons should check to see if the students or renters will need renters insurance.

Flight Instruction — Mitch Mitchell talked about other costs of flight instruction in the Civil Air Patrol. Mitchell, who works at Eli Lilly, is one if the few flight insructors in the country with Type 1 Diabetes. Matt Kriech commented on the King Schools online ground school course.

Basic Medical Report — John Saalwaechter reported that every pilot should get their Basic Med done as soon as possible. To qualify, the pilot must have had a Third Class medical within the past 10 years, either active or lapsed, and not have it revoked. Thereafter, the pilot must see a doctor every four years and do the online course every two years. Any physician can do the medical exam reporting, which is not much different than a DOT physical.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $2,052.36, which is below the bank's minimum. The bank recommended that we move money from the savings account, which is $3,127. Fuel savings balance is $6,202.

Delinquent Rents — Dick Gurley contacted Adam Coker about his back rents; the club members discussed whether or not he lost interest in the airplane. Earl Brosman motioned that if Coker were to sign over the airframe, the club would forgive the rents. Dick Gurley seconded the motion, provided that the log books are included along with a bill of sale. The motion passed with a voice vote. It was recommended that we check with Larry Poe to see if he has the logs. Stan Stevens has not paid rent on his Aztec since April 2014. Roy Dawes has the logs for the aircraft and will not give them back, as he has a claim on the aircraft. Dawes would be a good candidate to but it once freed. No motion was made on Stevens' situation.

Runway Maintenance — Matt Kriech led a short discussion on repairs to the runway, commenting that paving over the existing surface would yield a new surface that would fail quickly. He stated that if the runway were to be surfaced the existing concrete should be pulverized as a base. Matt offered to research the costs and requirements for widening the runway.

Christmas Party — Jay Scaumberg asked if the club was interested in hosting a pitch-in Christmas Party. After discussing several options the members decided that going to a restaurant would be prefered this year.

Next Meeting — The next meeting will be on Saturday, December 9, 2017, which will be the annual Christmas Party. The event will be held at Wabash Brewing at 79th Street and Zionsville Road, which is Matt Kriech's brewery. Food will be catered by Squealer's Barbecue in Indianapolis. We will conduct a gift exchange after the dinner; gift price should have a $20 limit. Michael Mossman to send out invitations.

Drone Operation — Earl Brosman has fielded some calls form people interested in operating drones at the airport. Earl would like a standard script that he can recite to these inquiries. MIchael Mossman to ask Chad Williams to write a standard response. The members present generally agreed that the script should include a comment that the drones need to stay out of the traffic pattern.

Adjournment — The meeting was informally adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary