Association Meeting
February 10, 2018, 9:00 a.m.
Boone County Airport
1600 E 250 S
Lebanon, IN 46052

Members in attendance:
Earl Brosman, director
Dick Gurley, treasurer
Kevin Hoffer, member
Gene Hollingsworth, member
Chuck Leucht, director
Chuck Long, member
Michael Mossman, secretary
Mark Poliak, member
Ray Rice, president
Mark Rinehart, member
John Saalwaechter, vice president
Jay Schaumberg, director

Also Present:
Josh Long, guest
Joe Oyler, guest
Brett Pritchett, guest

Club president Ray Rice opened the meeting at 9:01 a.m.

Snow Plow Report — Ray Rice commented that Don Geisler has offered to plow snow when necessary but we have not had enough snow the past month for any plowing.

Amendment to the Bylaws — Ray Rice led a brief explanation about the proposed amendment to the bylaws, which will create an Associate Member class. After noting that the requirements for amending the bylaws had been fulfilled, the nine members present at the time of the voting voted to accept the amendment; none opposed. The motion is passed and the bylaws are to be amended.

Fuel System Update — Nothing has changed on the fuel tank situation since the January 2018 meeting, and the hole from the old fuel tank is not filled in. We have not stuck the underground tank recently. John Saalwaechter reports that a large chunk of concrete slab may fall into the hole, which could jeopardize the remaining tank. Don Geisler has purchased a new above-ground fuel tank, which will have a transfer pump. We do not yet know the delivery or installation schedule of the new tank.

Treasurer's Report — Checking account balance is $11,326.34, fuel savings balance is $9,557.49. Dick Gurley reported that he closed out the general savings account a month ago, as the checking account ran below the minimum for no-charge service. The expenses look good, with nothing unusual to report. Checking account balance is currently high because many members have paid their hangar rents six months to one year in advance. Amounts owed for fuel are as low as Dick has ever seen. Back rents on hangars have not changed, except that one more month has passed. Michael Mossman to send Adam Coker a registered letter requesting payment within 30 days, and if no payment then legal action will be taken.

Flight Scholarship Report — The current plan is to rent the Cherokee 180 to students for flight instruction. Dick Gurley has investigated insurance costs for clubs while Jay Schaumberg investigated insurance for the aircraft. The club will need to confirm with Don Geisler if it is OK to proceed with the rental. The club will also need a volunteer manager for the program. Ray Rice wants to rent the instruction room on the operations building to someone to run the flight instruction business. That person would be responsible for the aircraft rental, instruction and other management tasks. Matt Kriech's flight instructor is interested in participating. There was also some general discussion of the scholarship students' responsibilities for the aircraft.

Aircraft Rental — The club held a general discussion on who would be able to rent the Cherokee 180. Ray Rice will confirm with Don Geisler on who will be able to use the aircraft. Brett Pritchett volunteered to do the 100-hour inspections if it becomes a rental aircraft after he gets his A&P.

New Ratings — Matt Kriech is scheduled to take his flight test on Monday, February 12, with just 41 hours of flight time.

Hangar Doors — Earl Brosman reports that the hangar door program is currently dead, as one member who was interested is now vacillating between committing and not committing. After discussion the concensus was that the third hangar building is still the best one for the first conversion, so if the member does not want to commit to hangar doors we will require that he moves to another building so the project can move forward.

Approval of Minutes — Ray Rice moved to accept the January 2018 minutes as written; Mark Rinehart seconded. The minutes were approved by a voice vote.

Upcoming Events — Chuck Leucht would like for the club to host a biscuits & gravy fly-in breakfast, perhaps in May. Michael Mossman will work on the events calendar to see what dates are open regionally and report back. The club will also need to schedule a spring clean-up day.

Other Announcements — Chuck Long's son Josh is training for a pilot's license. Chuck is looking for an opportunity to buy into an airpane for training. Brett Pritchett says that Vincennes University has a program for older Hoosiers looking for renewed job training to take aviation maintenance class for free. Brett will bring the information to the next meeting. Chuck Leucht brought a dozen small fire extinguishers for the club members' individual use.

Adjournment — Dick Gurley motioned to adjourn; Chuck Long seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes by Michael Mossman, Association Secretary