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Airport Rules

1. All aircraft shall be taxied at a safe and reasonable speed.

2. Engine run-ups shall be made well clear of the active runway.

3. No aircraft shall enter an active runway without first ascertaining that there is no conflicting traffic.

4. Take-off and landing shall be made on the runway most nearly aligned with the wind indicator.

5. The standard traffic pattern for Boone County Airport is left hand, rectangular, and 800 ft. AGL, on downwind leg — on days when the ceiling is below 1,300 ft. AGL, a 600-ft. pattern may be used.

6. Straight in approaches, straight out departures, or non-prescribed turns in the pattern are not permitted.

7. Operation of helicopters shall be according to the established patterns and FARs for said aircraft.

8. Gliders shall comply with the standard patterns when not in tow.

9. Operation of non-certified ultra-light aircraft is permitted. Operation of a certified (has an “N” number) ultra-light is permitted provided it is flown by a licensed pilot and flown according to current FARs.

10. All types of aircraft using this airport shall conform to these rules. Should there be a conflict with the rules, the FARs shall prevail.

Local Traffic Rules

All aircraft operating in and out of Boone County Airport will conform to the Standard FAA Traffic Pattern for non-controlled airports. The pattern is LEFT HAND using 800 ft. AGL (1800 MSL) for downwind leg.

Straight-in approaches are not authorized.

Traffic Patterns

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