Airport Rules

Boone County Airport Association is a not-for-profit organization. We do not have a based mechanic on field, nor do we have any mechanic under our employ.

Persons desiring to base an aircraft on the field must join the association PRIOR to renting a hangar.

The maintenance hangar and monthly hangars are for members in good standing ONLY. See Maintenance Hangar rules.

We do not allow "ramp annuals" or other non-emergency repairs to non-membership aircraft anywhere on the airport property.

STRANDED PILOTS: Please contact a board member for assistance. We may locate a mechanic for you. Note that the mechanic is not employed by the Boone County Airport Association. Any mechanic you hire, or any volunteer that assists you, is acting independently of the association. You may be required to sign a waiver stating that you accept the assistance from the mechanic or volunteer, and that the Boone County Airport Association was not involved in your repair.

Due to insurance requirments and other regulations we are unable to sell fuel to non-members.

We have a list of emergency contacts posted inside the main room of the Operations Building (airport terminal).

Boone County Airport • 1600 E 250 S • Lebanon IN 46052 • 1-765-482-0940
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